As I suspected but has only been confirmed by one person, the girl on the far right is my grandma. I suspected this because when I looked at the picture I thought, holy shit, that is my forehead and brow. Anyway, my second cousin is going to ask her mom who is the daughter of one of these girls and confirm.

Some of you mentioned that you don’t have pictures of your family. When I started doing geneology about 10 years ago I only had a few. Actually, specifically 2 pictures. I have spent thousands of hours and went down hundreds of rabbit holes that led nowhere. I have researched 3rd cousins 4 times removed and found a lot of stuff that was pretty uninteresting like voting lists, lots and lots of voting lists. But then you hit gold like this one. The owner, a different second cousin than the one above, sent me an email on Ancestry then we became friends on Facebook then I got the picture of my grandma and her sisters. This picture is a result of a LOT of work.

On my dad’s side, I only had one picture of his dad. This was my grandfather.

As for his father, I am not even sure of his parents names or where he even came from. He just appeared one day and then left his wife, my great grandma, with 7 children to raise on her own, the fucking asshole. He went by the name Harry but I really don’t know if that was even true. But I continue to look and search archives and ship manifests. It is a labour of love. And sometimes a labour of disgust. Women in the 1920’s had no help from social services, child support, universal healthcare or woman’s housing. They just had to figure it out. My great grandma was a woman who got old before her time. I was named after her.

She was 52 here. She looks 80. That baby she is holding with the stunned look is me.

Anyway, of you ever start your search into your family history you will find these gems. And you will meet a lot of second and third cousins who will have photos.


Last night I got it into my head that I would change the look of my blog and 20 minutes later it was a disgusting red and looked like a stuck pig bled all over it, whatever that means. This morning I got up and just did not care even a little bit so reverted back to what I had so now you and I are stuck with it. If I don’t have the energy to change a shirt that is on backwards I am not going to change the look of my blog. Seriously, who has time for things like that? Well, I do but I would rather use that time watching Netflix or doing cross-stitch.

It was clean the house day. Well, everyday is clean the house but Monday is for changing the bedding and cleaning the bathrooms. In an earlier post I asked about line drying bed sheets in the house and I thought and thought of the easiest way. I wanted something inexpensive and also that could be taken down if we need to. Then I remembered these things.

It was only $2.08 at Amazon so I had it shipped with another order. My husband put up the hooks in the basement last night then I put it up when it arrived this afternoon. It went up lickety split. It is long enough to hold one set of bedsheets. Now I won’t have to use the dryer. In the grand scheme of things it is not even a drop in the ocean but I am trying. I am.

Norbert and I are on our own for two days. Norbert plans to sleep. I plan to do geneology, cross-stitch and housework. Baking some more of Maggie’s cookies is on my list of things I want to do. When I am alone Norbert stays upstairs with me. Why I do this makes no sense at all because he is just going to keep me awake but I like the company. On the geneology front I connected with another second cousin this week and she gave me this picture of my grandma and her sisters. Unfortunately I do not know who is who yet.

I am going to send it to a different second cousin and see if she can ask her mom who is 97 and might know. Did I ever mention that I have some super old people in my family? Some lived into their 100’s.


I started messing around with changing my header and now I hate it but I am too tired to fix it so Iā€™m going to bed. Stay tuned…


This Will Never Be a Cooking Blog

Frankly, cooking exhausts me and I don’t enjoy it at all. But it must be done so I do it. Today I made Turmeric Breakfast Cookies Maggie Style and was surprised at how easy they were. Maggie is a cooking and canning marvel and a good blogging friend. Since I didn’t have cloves in the house I didn’t use them and also I hate cloves so very much. We also don’t keep chocolate chips in the house because I love chocolate as much as I hate cloves and will eat them all. Since we don’t have chocolate chips I used organic cocoa powder from Costco. Anyway, the cookies were delicious and I will definitely make them again. There is no fat in these cookies and only 1/3 cup brown sugar and a few shakes of salt. Good job, Maggie! Thank you.

This afternoon I went grocery shopping which I generally avoid like the plague. Sometimes though I have to put on my big girl panties and do adult things. It actually turned out great because I saw a previous client’s daughter and she gave me the biggest hug about 5 times and told me to come and visit anytime which I will. Afterwords I thought about asking her for a reference which I know she will give.

When I was driving home from the grocery store I stopped and talked to a neighbour. I asked how their little boy was and how old he was. I thought he was 3 or 4. He is 6. Where did 6 years go? When they moved in I brought them a rose bush and their baby was a newborn.

My big excitement for the day was washing my down duvet. It is now all white again and super fluffy like a Dr. Suess bed. When I was little I was fascinated by the beds in Dr. Suess.

And this was my favourite picture in the whole world when I was 3. It still is one of my favourites. šŸ’•

My son just dropped by. Gotta go!


Learning From Mistakes

Well, I planned and planned and Googled and YouTubed. I bought this.

And these.

I bought jars.

I was ready to try my first attempt at canning. I chose pears at their apparent easiness. The jars were sterilizing in the oven. A big bowl of water with lemon juice was waiting.

My vision.


FAIL. Huge fail. They were all rotted inside. I wanted to cry. Anyway, I am going to try again this weekend.


This was funny. This was a weird auto.correct. I was going to type, how perfect and auto correct made it either Black Rat or Your Friend the Rat. WTF? I have never typed Your Friend the Rat in my life. Or have I? What does that mean? šŸ€ šŸ€ šŸ€ šŸ€

Last night I didn’t take my magnesium with my evening meal and barely slept. After the pear FAIL I was tired and cold and feeling overwhelmed so I decided to lie* down and fell into a deep sleep. I woke up 2 hours later tangled in my blankets and wondering what happened.

*Thank you Eric Clapton for Lay Down Sally and Bob Dylan for Lay, Lady, Lay for telling me lies about the difference between lie and lay.


It is almost 2:00 and I am just sitting down now in front of my SAD light. It is so dark today. And rainy. It is just the smallest hair past summer so I won’t complain about the rain. But the dark. Those long, long months of dark are exhausting. Every single person here has such low Vitamin D that our health plan no longer pays for testing. We are all low. We have to supplement. That helps with the Vitamin D but not the lack of light. So, the SAD light.

This morning I saw my employment counsellor and she was so lovely. She just does the intake and has passed my file to a different person who works especially with women who have depression, anxiety and a history of abuse. This employment agency is beyond amazing. They will help me with each and every step of the process to find meaningful employment. Tomorrow I am taking a course on Disability and Stress Management.

Oi. I wrote that four five hours and obviously got distracted. Here’s a question for those of you that lived in the days before everyone owned a dryer. We dry clothes, towels and bed linens outside in the spring and fall. In the fall and winter we have two excellent drying racks for clothes and towels inside. At this point we do not have a drying rack that is big enough for bed linens. How did people dry bed sheets before dryers? We do have a dryer but my husband and I are always looking for a way to reduce our energy consumption and lower our hydro bill. We have an app that shows we already use considerably less energy than anyone in our neighbourhood but not using the dryer would be one more thing.

This is Harriet. She was my first cat and I miss her still even though she died more than 15 years ago. The night before I got her I woke up and had this thought.

I need to get a cat.

I had never had a cat of my own before so it was a weird thought. To add to the weird thought I knew the cat needed to be a calico. The next afternoon I went to the SPCA. I told the people at the desk that I was here to look at the cats and they pointed me to the cat rooms. I opened the door and walked in. Sitting directly in front of the door was a calico cat. I picked her up, she put her head on my shoulder and started to purr. I walked out the door and paid for her and the rest became Harriet history. She was a beautiful and loving cat. My daughter was just a toddler at the time and Harriet would let my daughter dress her in dresses and carry her around the house. My son who was not yet in kindergarten would chase her around. I would tell him not to chase her but Harriet never minded. When she got tired she had a place in the laundry room so she could escape and nap. Harriet came when she was called and talked to you like she was a person. And she loved smoked oysters! Sometimes I would try to be sneaky and open a can but if she didn’t hear she would smell and come running. Sadly, she got sick one day. She had always had bladder issues so the vet thought she went into kidney failure. She had not been well and when I came home from work she came running like she always did but collapsed on the floor. It was one of the saddest moments of my life. She had so much love to give but only lived to 6 years old. Norbert makes me laugh but Harriet gave me love


This morning I wore socks, also known as foot jails, for the first time since May. Something inside of me died a little. This afternoon I put my feather duvet that my mom bought me on my bed and felt all warm and happy. Then Norbert and I had an argument about him being allowed to pee on it. He did it once a few years back and if I have ever been ready to take Norbert to the SPCA that was the day. Oh, was I mad. Tonight we had another argument over milk because we don’t have any so in a rage he bit one of my houseplants. I heard a loud rip of leaves. Now he is downstairs for the night for being a naughty cat. It’s a completely finished basement with food and water and a huge fluffy cat bed but he knows he has been bad. He was crying for a minute but I think he’s gone to sleep now.

Earlier I had a bath and when I was getting dressed I put my pyjama top on backwards. It is still on backwards. Agh. Who has the energy to fix these things?

Stay tuned. This week I am canning pears. My biological dad and stepmom gave us 8 pounds. I have never canned anything before so this may prove interesting.