It is one of those days when I feel just blah. This cold continues to hang on. Last night I was so cold when I went to bed. The heat was cranked and I had three shirts on, flannel bottoms and thick fuzzy socks and I was still cold. Then around midnight I woke up soaked in sweat so I stripped down to just a T-shirt and bottoms. Normally I keep my bedroom around 10 C but last night it was near 20. And then after I finally fell asleep some twit was lighting fireworks and woke me up.

Anyway, today I am tried and cranky and I feel fat and blob like. I look like a stump or a sausage.


I actually had a very beautiful morning and it was warm and sunny. I decided to become a member of Unity and was given a yellow rose. Of course I cried because I have never been so loved and accepted at any church ever. Most churches want to tell you want a bad sinner and they focus on all the areas you need improvement. Unity focuses on the Divinity in all of us and celebrates that. Even when you have a bad cold and feel like a sausage.

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    • We are! I am finding that the more I come to see this as truth the more I can love others but even better, the more I can love myself.

    • I think the only way to stop feeling sausagy is to lose weight. I am not kidding. My boobs flow into my stomach and I look like a sausage.

  1. Somehow they knew you needed to be loved and that is what we all need and want in our lives. Hope you feel better soon, dear.

    • I think that is why most people seek some form of spirituality. We want to feel connected to something and to be loved. Kind of like blogging.

  2. Do you play poker? I’ll “see” your blobby sausage and “raise” you one lazy-piece-of-shit! Which is how I’ve felt since Friday afternoon since returning from my trip to town. GD “neck thing” is to be blamed, keeping me sleepless Saturday night and over-medicated because my pills weren’t working. Lovely. Though I think I’d rather have this than your cold. So get well real quick. Try that Vicks-on-the-soles-of-your-feet-inside-your-socks thing. My taller half did, last week, and thought it made a difference. And how about an onion sandwich? Yeaaaahhhh, bay-beeeee! -Kate

    • I raise you lazy-piece-of-shit and ante up with 400 snot-filled used Kleenexes. Weird that you mentioned the Vicks because I was cleaning out a cupboard today and found an old jar of Vicks. I will have to try using it tonight. Onion sandwich might be a good idea. I bought some organic onions and they are the strongest onions I have ever used. Have you tried magnesium for pain? It has helped me a lot. I take magnesium glycinate at supper (400 mg) then another 200 at bedtime.

      • I have some magnesium lotion and some magnesium spray mist; I’ll try them on my neck! When I had a physical this spring and blood was taken, it wasn’t low in any minerals (like magnesium) so I’m guessing that isn’t part of the problem. Though since I don’t know what IS the cause … rzzzzl frzzzzl grrrrr. Hope you’re better today, Onion Breath! -Kate

      • I had all my bloodwork done as well but because magnesium does not stay in the body for long it needs to be replenished daily. I encourage you to give it a try. Start slow because it can cause diarrhea. It also helps with relaxation and sleep.

  3. Oh I’m sorry you feel like a sausage, though I have to say that gave me a giggle. 😉 I’m glad you found a great place to feel accepted with your spirituality!

    • This is one of those colds that just seems to hang on. Remember when we were young and you had a cold for 9 – 10 days and then were better? I don’t know if it’s an age thing or colds are much meaner than they used to be.

  4. How nice about Unity! Hope you’re feeling better. I have two p/t job where there are many children… and germs are everywhere. I have had a mucousy thing for weeks. 😦

  5. Dear Birdie, I am so glad that you felt loved and appreciated. When we start to love ourselves, just as we are–broken shards and all–then we find how much we can love others and we can allow them to love us. Or so it seems to me as I look back over a long life. Peace.

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