I suppose I should post. I have been sick with a cold and have been reading blogs but its the kind of cold where it is just too much effort to comment. Its the kind of cold where its too much effort to go back and put apostrophes in the two times I typed its. Three times now.

Our weird neighbours just walked by. The never talk to anyone else on the street and keep to themselves except when starting disputes. My husband and I always wave to them but they never wave back. They also stare into our front room window when walking by. Maybe I should start giving them the bird.

Here is a picture from my kitchen window.

And here is a picture of Norbert watching his squirrels and birds. He isn’t allowed off the deck and now that he is getting to be an old cat he seems quite content to stay there.

And here is a picture of the dough from the cinnamon buns I made yesterday in my cast iron. “It’s a happy little loaf!” Bonus points if you know where that quote is from without looking it up.

And this. Last night I had a dream that I voted for Trump. This is weird in the fact that I am not American but mostly I woke up and thought WTF? But in this same dream I was stuck in a huge labyrinth type building that I could not get out of and that was filling with water. In the dream even my right leaning and very religious friend could not understand why I was voting for him.

One thing you might not know about me is I have never been very good with plants. And the plants I manage not to kill are killed by Norbert. It makes me so happy to see that my African violet has grown huge and is even ready to bloom. Her name is Ayana which is African for pretty bloom. The pencil is so you can see how big this plant is.

Norbert is acting weird. Or weirder than normal. He was just trying to hide and when I looked up and saw him he did a little hop and ran away.

I have to go. Four firefighters are going door-to-door and checking smoke detectors.

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  1. I hope the cold is almost over. I hate being sick, doubt that anybody likes it to be honest. The cinnamon buns look lovely. I used to make them a lot but with only two of us in the house, it’s just not a good idea. Too tempting.

    It’s snowing here. Yay. I have the camera set up on a tripod in the kitchen with the really big zoom lens on it so it looks like I’m spying on my neighbors. In reality I’m just trying to get a photo of the birds at the bird feeder but they’re so damned fast.

    Hope you have a lovely day:)

    • This is why I don’t bake very often. I eat all of it. I have zero control.
      I loved the picture of your acrobatic chickadee. Good idea keeping a camera set up.

  2. Those cinnamon buns look delicious. An your African violet is big. You will have to show us another picture when it blooms. I used to grow them many years ago, and pinch off a leafe and root it and start a new one. Fun.

    Norbert is a nut, but cute.

    • African violets are one of the few plants I kill without fail. Isn’t that odd? My mother had a real hand with them, though. They bloomed so happily for her.
      Don’t know about the “happy little loaf.” That artist guy, Bob Ross, always used to talk about “happy little trees.” I would have a happy (but not little) tummy if I ate some of those cinnamon rolls.
      Today Maurice walked by August who darted a few feet away.
      “I scared her,” he said bravely.
      Someone got scared and that is true.
      Get well soon.

  3. The thing about nightmares like that is that you can wake up and be so happy that it wasn’t real. Hope you are feeling better.

    • The odd thing is, I still think I am going to wake up from this real life nightmare and I will be able to tell everyone that I had a nightmare that Trump was president and all the atrocities he has done.

  4. There is no ‘should’ about it. Post when and if you are ready.
    I am sorry to hear about your cold AND your nightmare.
    Those cinnamon buns look totally tempting.
    Sometimes I think cats act crazy to mess with our minds…

  5. Well done on the African violets. I don’t do houseplants. I’ll grow lots of things outside, but once it’s in my home, all bets are off. I dreamt last night that my husband quit his job and went to work for a construction company. (Just sharing). Dontcha just hate colds? Mine always evolve into sinus infections. I hope you get over yours quickly! -Jenn

    • I don’t get the sinus infection but I do get lung infections. It’s much better now that I have an inhaler that I use during the fall and winter. I will say, I will take a lung infection over a sinus infection. Sinus infections are horrible.

      • I’m a little baffled that you always visit and comment at my blog too, chickiedoodle, but whatever it is you like, there, is probably the same thing I like here? Nah; I don’t actually know what it is that my longtime regular readers like. What I like about YOUR blog is that each entry is like getting a letter from you. You’re talking about the everyday things in your life quite straightforwardly, as if to friends; it’s very alive. -Kate

  6. I guess we’d be considered the “weird” neighbours lol…we don’t talk to anyone, keep to ourselves, yet we don’t start disputes or stare into windows! Your cinnamon buns look so good!

    • We keep to ourselves too but definitely always wave and say hello. Theses are the same neighbours who dammed up the water flow into our yard. Our street is on a hill and he put used kitchen tiles all along the fence so the water would not take it’s natural flow down the hill and into the creek. He also harasses and has threatened the mom who lives on the other side of him. Seriously. We could write a book on the weirdness.

  7. That was obviously a nightmare! I bet it was a relief waking up from that.

    We also keep to ourselves but we do wave to neighbours and even chat with them on the street when we bump into each other. So we’re semi-weird 🙂

    • See, I think that is normal. It’s weird when your neighbours wave and you totally ignore them. These are the same neighbours that cut their lawn with hedge clippers. You know those big scissor things? Yeah. That’s how they cut their lawn. He is out there for hours. Snip. Snip. Snip. Snip. Snip. Snip. Snip. Snip. Snip. Snip. Snip. Snip. Snip. Snip. Snip. Snip. Snip. Snip. Snip. Snip. Snip. The same neighbours that removed the siding from their house and sold it. It is now siding-less. They also redid their roof with the titles you would use on a chicken house instead of actual roofing tiles. And it goes on and on like this WEIRD!

    • This is a funny question because it’s a multipronged approach. First, the deck is gated and he can’t get out. We also actually *let* him off the deck when the weather is very, very poor so he learns that being off the deck is a horrible and scary experience. It is especially funny when it is snowing or pouring rain. It’s a big NOPE and he turns around and comes back in. When he does try to get out he gets in a lot of trouble. I don’t like yelling at him but he doesn’t listen to quiet reasoning. When he gets out I tell him he is a bad cat and to get back in the house. It hurts his ‘feeling’ when I yell at him. At lastly, when he is a bad cat he gets banished downstairs for the night. This only happens after he has taken off and won’t come back. If he does escape and comes back right away he gets Temptations but if he runs away and is away for more than an hour he gets a punishment. So there ya go. A huge amount of effort to keep Norbert an inside cat.

  8. Anything trump is a total nightmare.
    Mmmm….cinnamon buns!
    We’re very sad that our next door neighbor is moving soon. She’s been there since we bought our home over 25 years ago. Don’t want to think negatively, but just have a feeling that we won’t get so lucky with new people there. Only a driveway and a small hedge separates houses. Here’s hoping it’s not toooo weird.

  9. You have firefighters come around to check smoke detectors? That’s really cool.

    So, maybe you’ve tested this out, but is it possible that the walkers outside are more visible to you than you are to them? I never can be sure if someone sees me wave.

    • It was a special endeavour to get people using their smoke detectors properly. They are going to 1000 homes to check and if they don’t have one they are given 2.

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