Soup is in the big cast iron pot. It’s “Chicken Tomato Black Bean Pea Buttermilk Soup”. Basically it’s all the leftovers from my fridge. It’s actually very good because I know how to make a good soup.

Yesterday I mowed the back lawn and washed some more windows with my super cleaner. 1 cup dish soap and 1 cup cleaning (10%) vinegar. Windows are the cleanest they have ever been. Today I just puttered about and did some dusting and a few loads of laundry. Beds were changed and the bathroom was cleaned. And I added another 8 people to my family tree. Those 8 people all married and had children. You would think that would only take a few minutes but the reality is it can take hours. You have to check and recheck and then check again. One error can lead to massive problems and it’s easier to get the information correct in the first place. I have made mistakes in the past that had to be unwound and it took weeks.

Well. I wrote that sometime last week and obviously walked away.

Today I scrubbed moss off the front steps and walkway because they turn into an ice rink in the winter. It came right off with my super duper cleaner. I also made Maggie Cookies. Mostly I just can’t wait for bedtime. My husband has a cold and I feel like I am getting it now.

We had a municipal election here yesterday and 4 of the 8 people I voted for got elected. I was happy about that. Our former city council was a national embarrassment with unending chaos.

Oh! Last week I went to a soap making class. It was in a home that is about 1 minute from where I live.

This is my good friend M. We have known each other for a bobillion years.

Measuring coconut oil to the exact gram.

Almost finished.

Swirly tops for my soap.

Our finished soaps.

My friends M, K, M, and myself. They have since been cut and are now drying.

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  1. I’ve slept for the past two weeks in the office so that I don’t catch my taller half’s cold. I imagine his greeblies making their way from his pillow to mine and into my mouth and nose over eight long hours in bed when my immune system is virtually helpless and unaware … no thanks!

    Nice to see your pics.


  2. When I first read the last two sentences I misunderstood and thought your friends had been cut and were drying and I thought WTF Birdie! Too funny.

    Hope you don’t get sick. Take care.

  3. Remember when Kathleen and I used to make soap? She was a master. I’ve never used soap since that satisfied me.

  4. Happy Monday to you!
    Soup sounds interesting…and YOU making soap! Good for you!
    I need to know exact amounts to mix, as I want to try your cleaner!
    Please email me the ratio! Thanks Barbara!
    Have a great week….stay clear of those germs!😳
    Linda :o)

    • The friend that I have known for a bobillion years and I want to make more for Christmas. You can make these for a little over $2 a bar and they sell them for up to $8.

  5. Looks like the four of you had a great time making your soaps. Each one looked so different! Apart from coconut oil, what else went into yours?

    Birdie, pardon my complete ignorance. But how do you actually use your Magic Cleaning Mix? Just neat, like that? Or diluted with water? How do you apply it and then get all the residue off your windows?

    Our windows are shockingly grimy and I’d really like to try your method. I’ve put off cleaning them for what’s now beyond acceptable!

  6. You’ve been very productive. You cleaner sounds interesting. Not as toxic as some store-bought cleaners. It looks like you had a great time with your friends. Take care, Birdie, and don’t get your husband’s cold. No. No.

  7. That’s cool. Soup and soap making in one blog post ahahahahaaa. I’ve made soup with leftovers and added frozen mixed veggies to it. Yummy. Making soap with friends looked like fun. Was it expensive?

  8. What a fun thing to do! I bet the soaps smell wonderful, too. They sure look pretty. Friends that you’ve known for a bobillion years are the best.

    We had our municipal elections today. I’m curious to see if any of the people I voted for won.

    • I shed like a clowder of cats at at a cat rescue. I blame my German grandmothers. You can go to any part of my house and find my hair. Lots of it. I wear a hair covering when cooking and cleaning.

    • Hello. Liz. Thanks for stopping by my blog. The workshop was fun. I will have to go to at least another one before I do it by myself. The lye scares me.

  9. you have been so busy and that soup sounds amazing!!! I would love to make my own soap, what a satisfying project, it looks amazing,, thank you for visiting me and for the kind words,

    • It was satisfying. I will definitely be making my own from now on. I could do it at home but it actually works out cheaper to go to a class because I don’t have to buy any of the supplies or equipment. I also don’t have clean up the mess.

    • The thing with buying soap in gift shops is the price. You can make a bar for a couple of dollars. I have seen them sold for 4 times that amount. Never again. I will be making soap from now on. Best part is I know what’s in it!

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