This morning I woke up with the intention to clean and re-season all my cast iron pans. I spent about 5 hours in the kitchen cleaning. In the summer I always put the oven on self-clean but forgot to do it this summer so I did it today because it was so nice out. While the oven was cleaning itself I made garden fresh spaghetti sauce. I was making it in my Instant Pot. As you can see my counters and cupboards are quite high compared to me so halfway through making the sauce I got a stool to stand on.


One hour of my life summed up in 30 seconds. I was in the kitchen four more hours after this.

When I opened the freezer I noticed that the wall on the left was dirty so I wiped it down. That led to the entire fridge and freezer being emptied and scrubbed inside and out. This is my newest and most amazing cleaner I have ever used. It even cleaned the inside glass on my oven door that has been filthy for years. It’s shining!

1 cup dish soap (I used Palmolive because it was on sale at Costco.)

1 cup cleaning vinegar

Mix well and put in a spray bottle. Other people use regular vinegar but I figured if I was going to clean I might as well make it worth the effort. What I love about this is it is about 98% okay for the environment. I also use it to clean my bathtub and shower and it works amazingly well. Better than Scrubbing Bubbles.

When I was cleaning out fridge there were a few things in there that were somehow shoved to the back and a little questionable.

What else? We took the curtains down in the living room and shook them outside and hung them in the sun. They are now back where they belong. And I made brownies that are so delicious. I use the Costco brownie mix but don’t follow the recipe and use whole milk instead of water and 2 eggs instead of one and 1/3 cup oil. They are so good!

The cast iron never did get cleaned and re-seasoned. And I am tired.

The rag on my head is because I am a shedder.

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  1. Not in the slightest bit surprised you are tired. I am exhausted just watching you buzzle round the kitchen. Enjoy your clean kitchen AND your delicious treats.
    I have cleaned, gardened, and gone to the markets to buy things for the house guest who arrives on Wednesday. I am thinking pumpkin and coconut curry, mushroom risotto and a cauliflower and chickpea dish. And some meat dishes for the carnivores.

    • We are having company for dinner tonight and that is what the spaghetti sauce was for. These people piss me off to no end. They only call when they are in town and want dinner. They never show up on time. Usually when we are invited to someone’s for a meal we ask what we can bring and what time should we be there. We called them today and they said they will be here at 6:00. 6:00. The fuck? They are just rude. This is the third time they have called and invited themselves on a holiday. It’s Thanksgiving here in Canada. Anyway, they never offer to help clean up either. And I am turning into a grouchy old woman.

  2. I’m trying this comment thing again to see what happens. Probably nothing.
    You’re being so incredibly productive and in such a good way. I will try your cleaning liquid.

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