I am so tried that lifting my fingers to write this is taking effort. There is no reason to be this tired. It was a busy day but the busyness does not equal the exhaustion. I mowed the lawn and vacuumed all the window sills of dead summer flies and swept and washed the floor and did a load of laundry and hung it up. I packed up more summer stuff from outside and put it away. That’s it.

Ha. I wrote that yesterday and was too tired to continue.

It is rain, rain, raining today. Cold and rainy. I had planned to go to church today but decided to stay home. It makes me happy to finally go to a church where I don’t get in trouble if I don’t show up. Instead of going to church I stayed in my comfy sweats all day and watched Little House on the Prairie. When I was sitting I started thinking about all the apples I still have and decided to make a pie. I have never made a pie before except once with one of those frozen pastries you buy at the grocery store. The last time I made an actual pastry was when I was 17 in cooking class. That was 30 years ago. Let me tell you this. Pastry is not my thing and I almost failed the final cooking project because it was a pastry. It worked out after much fussing and I did get an A in the class but that pastry was almost the ruin of a perfect grade. I didn’t try pastry again until today. So far it appears to have turned out but I haven’t tasted it yet. It looks more or less like a pie but not fancy like expert pastry chefs can do. One thing I didn’t know is that making your own pastry takes a bo-billion dishes and the dishes take way more time than the making of it.

I have to words on the Kavanaugh thing. I will just say it is triggering me with emotions that I do not want to deal with today.

Here is a fact that you don’t know. If I won the lottery I would fill my basement with a train set that would go through each room and have the miniature village to go with it. So there ya go. Now you can say you learn something everyday.

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  1. I’m so with you on being tired, Kavanaugh and the whole world. Stayed put today and am making cream of mushroom soup (yeah, with real mushrooms and mushroom stock!), doing some reading and blog following and not a whole lot more. No social media today – FB must do without me. I try to keep Sundays social media free. Find I am in a much better humor to start the week. That said, SO and I are mighty grumpy with the world, and somewhat with each other. So I am taking refuge in the kitchen and reading other nice people’s blogs, starting another Miss Read and there you go.

    Love your lottery idea win. I am fascinated with “little things” like doll houses. I have thought of making one just for the heck of it but haven’t quite gotten there yet. Mary

  2. I used to make my own pastry…forget that!
    Now…I buy the Pillsbury in the refrigerated section…2 rolled up perfect crusts!
    I’ll bet you’re shocked,eh Barbara!
    Your pie looks great!
    Had our fav Miss V for a sleepover…life is good!
    Enjoy your week….


  3. I have made pastry in the past. I think it tastes better than the store bought version. These days I try not to eat pastry so don’t make it. An excellent excuse for laziness.
    I have been gardening and cleaning today. We have a house-guest arriving next week and I would be ashamed for her to see how grotty the house is. And I will probably continue cleaning (and cooking so I don’t have to while she is here) right up until the time she arrives.

    • That’s the problem with me and cooking. I eat it. Best not to have that stuff in the house. I am too lazy to go out to buy snacks but if it’s in the house I can’t control what I eat.

  4. When I’m feeling all “homesteady” , I make pastry. I’m not great at it. Sometimes I have to piece it together. But I’m not the worst. Other times, I buy frozen pie crusts, but I do lift them from their little tin foil pans and put them in a proper pie plate and crimp the edges myself. That way it feels more homemade.
    That was a lot that you did, you were right to feel tired! -Jenn

  5. Never made pastry or pie and probably never will but do enjoy eating it. Yours looks yummy. It’s going to be a busy week catching up from my time off. Always a price to pay but worth it.

    TRAIN SET!!!???!!! I would have never guessed that one 🙂

    • When I worked in offices I always made sure that I would pick up the work after anyone was away. It was never reciprocated so I stopped doing it.

  6. Whaddya mean “the busyness does not equal the exhaustion”? That appears to be a lot of work Birdie! That would’ve made me tired too! Your pie looks perfect! I think they call that Rustic Apple Pie. How’d it taste? You could make applesauce or escalloped apples with those leftover apples too. Or maybe cut them up and mix them with chopped onions and add ’em to a pork roast! I collect mini dollhouse food. I don’t have a doll house to put it in, but my miniature assortment of fake food makes me deliriously happy!

    • I used to be able to do so much more! It sounded like I did a lot but it didn’t take too long. Just this time of year I guess.
      I will have to add something about doll houses in my next post. I want one!

    • It was absolutely delicious! Way better than any store bought. Usually when I cook something it doesn’t taste as when someone else cooks it. This proved different. It was so light and flaky. Yum!

  7. My problem is I’m too tired to sleep. I just have so much trouble closing my eyes and resting even for a minute. I’m finding too much to do these days and no sleep as a reward.

  8. I love homemade pie crusts! Says the woman who hardly ever makes them 🙂 So good for you!

    I’m trying to stay away from the news. It is exhausting and aggravating. There’s only so much you can handle before you lose your mind!

    • My husband loves the news and it’s a guarantee in our home that he will be sitting down at 5:00 to watch it. He always wants to discuss it even when my headphones are on. Sometimes I just leave the room.

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