How often do I have so much to say but at the same time can’t come up with any words?

Cosby. As he tucks himself into his hard cot tonight with scratchy blankets and thin bed linens is he thinking at all of what he did? Is he thinking of all of the lives he has changed? Will he stop even for a moment to consider the ruin his actions have caused? Or is he still in deep denial and only thinking of how difficult he has it now and the hard cot and the scratchy blankets and thin bed linens? I do have to say that this one is so sad. I loved Bill Cosby. The best gift I ever gave my mom was two tickets to see him in concert. He had everything. Why did he have to resort to drugging and raping! Why?

Today I went for my sleep clinic follow-up. It was via teleconference and the doctor was not helpful or at all interested in talking with me. He told me he wanted me to start on Lyrica and to make an appointment on my way out to see him again in 6 months. I had to force myself to get a word in to question how often I am waking up in an hour (27) and how often my legs move in a minute (147). I didn’t bother to ask him questions about the Lyrica or other possible treatments. There was no point. He was an ‘old boys club’ kind of MD and would not take kindly to me telling him he can shove his prescription where the sun doesn’t shine and I will only take it after I have exhausted all other treatment options. Even then I will only take it if I’m desperate. I also didn’t tell him that I am on a Facebook group for Periodic Limb Movement Disorder and the people there have already helped me more than he has. I walked out feeling extremely grateful for my own doctor who is kind and looks at me when he asks questions and is genuinely interested in not only how I am but who I am.

Here is a picture for Mary Moon. Five Maurices! This picture makes me so happy.

And so does this one.

And here is my daughter all snaggle-toothed years before she got braces and Norbert wearing a dress. I think this was the day that Norbert got into a bad mood and never turned back.

Okay. One more. Another picture of Norbert dressed up. This time it’s as a unicorn. Daughter did this too.

Is anyone still reading? Do you want the last 2 minutes of your life back?

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  1. LOVE all your photos.
    And wish painful haemorrhoids on that fake doctor. I took Lyrica. Briefly. It didn’t help with the pain, and the other effects I endured were very, very nasty.

    • The more I think about it the more I want to file a complaint against the Clinic manager. But then he will know I filed a complaint and then it will just make it worse. This said after I woke up at 3:30 and could not get back to sleep. My legs are fine once I am up. I know he will think if it’s that bad I will just take the damn prescription but I have been on enough medication in my life to know that more often than not they cure (but not really) one thing and cause 5 side effects that make life miserable.

  2. Poor Norbert. You just stood by and took pictures and didn’t try to save him. No wonder he’s always so pissed. I wonder if Cosby is sleeping too. I wonder if he really thought he was going to get away with not doing any time for what he did. Karma’s a bitch.

    • I have no doubt he did think he was going to get away with it. Or maybe he thought he had done nothing wrong in the first place. I can’t decide which is more disturbing.

  3. So many doctors, actually, so many people don’t listen. I’m glad the facebook group is helping and no wonder you’re so damned tired all the time. I can’t even imagine sleeping like that, or rather, no sleeping. Sending hugs.

    • It’s been going on for years. After reading about Lyrica and how groggy it will make me I will just stick with tired. Groggy and tired are vastly different.

  4. Question: How do I get better sleep?
    Answer: Take this drug for which I have no idea if you will have serious side effects, nor do I care.

    Oh Birdie, how frustrating!! I agree that the whole Cosby thing was shocking, and the magnitude with which he practised his form of abuse is also shocking.

    However, you made the world right again with your Norbert pictures. It seems that he felt some shame in that unicorn picture! Do you stop and look at the little animal costumes in the stores and think about what to dress him up as next? That could be a whole new blog!! -Jenn

    • Your words sum up exactly how I felt about this doctor. I have only ever felt really unhappy about one other physician in my life because I give them a very wide berth knowing the long hours they work and their huge caseload. When I “saw” this doctor I was out in and out of the office in about 4 minutes. I thought I would like the idea of a teleconference but it was awful. But what can I do? He’s a specialist and don’t have the option of seeing another one based on personality differences. In all honesty, I am pretty upset. As for Norbert, it is my daughter that finds his costumes. She gets them at the dollar store. She told me that he liked the unicorn and as purring when she put it on.

  5. Can you believe there are actually people who think Cosby’s crimes were so long ago that he shouldn’t now go to jail, that poor old nearly blind man? My god he is not the only screwed-up person in this world. How sad is that. I guess some simply cannot separate the “character” they “knew” from the reality of his actions. In a way I can relate; an old man I loved supposedly was a little too familiar with some of my young friends when we were teenagers. It’s hard to believe, though I know I must.

    Too many people are a huge disappointment. I struggle with accepting that. Sometimes they are your own loved ones; sometimes they’re your doctors; sometimes they’re your friends. It’s a jab every time, isn’t it?

    Loved the pics. Best two minutes ever!


  6. I’m still reading! I think you are hilarious!. Love the Norbert stories. He IS pissed in that dress but it is hard to tell if he is angry, ashamed or feeling very Zen like dressed as the Unicorn. For what it’s worth, my husband takes Lyrica because of the nerve damage from his injury as a firefighter. It took him a month to get used to it. Sometimes he’d fall asleep in the middle of dinner, right there, face down in his plate. He was groggy and out of it alot of the time. I hated it. But now his nerve pain is completely controlled. Sorry for going on and on about it. I know you don’t like medication…neither do I. It helped him is all I was trying to say.

    • That is good information on Lyrica. So far this is the only positive feedback I’ve had. I know your husband was dealing with significant pain and I am glad he found something that works.

  7. I’d sleep with one eye open after sharing Norbert as a unicorn! HAHA So cute 🙂

    Bill Cosby got away with his crimes for a long time. The past has caught up with him. There’ll never be enough justice for his victims.

    • She is adorable. She was so cute as a baby too. All skinny with little chicken legs. She was only in the 3rd percentile and was just like a doll.

  8. Blimey it’s not surprising Norbet is a bad tempered cat, he probably never got over being dressed up like a Unicorn and in a dress.

    I’m glad to say Cosby wasn’t a big hit here in the UK and I never watched his show, so it’s easy for me to see him as just another pervert that got away with awful things because he was a celebrity.

  9. I don’t really think Cosby is on a cot with a scratchy blanket….which of course is what he deserves! Thank god the Canadian gal put him in his rightful place!
    I think every woman has a dark secret about unwanted male attention…I know I do!
    Hope you get your sleep thingy figured out…that Dr sounds like a prick!😳
    Norbert is a joy….
    Cheers! My friend…
    Linda :o)

    • Every woman does. And that is so sad and so wrong. I leave this ball (pun completely unintended) in the men’s court. THEY need to be the ones who stand up and say this is not who we are and will teach their sons that no is always no.

  10. Norbert is handsome no matter what he’s wearing. I’m amazed your daughter wasn’t shredded. I know what you mean about some doctors, I’m being treated like shit for refusing bisophosphates for osteoporosis. I’ve already dealt with one bout of osteonecrosis and Im not risking another. Looking for another doctor as no alternatives at all were offered. Best of luck!

    • My daughter and son both have a way with cats. My son currently has a cat that he rescued from a friend that he named Thorin but I call Gimli because it looks like Gimli from Lord of the Rings. My daughter walks a lot and makes friends with every blessed cat she meets along the way. Norbert was actually a little heartbroken when my son moved out and moped around for weeks! As for doctors, I saw my psychiatrist today and he was so perfectly kind and interested in how I was feeling. I wish I could say he made up for sleep clinic doctor but he didn’t. But in his own right he was a 10/10. I hope you find help with your osteoporosis. Are you one Facebook? I just know there will be a group there that will give you help to any questions. Or very least, understand.

  11. Been awhol for a little while but happy to read your post. Isn’t it interesting that so many physicians immediately opt for the name brand medication – without even running through all the possible implications of that medication. I too have a great doctor (actually a D.O. – which I sometime think listen a bit more) who listens but sometimes the specialists are not what is needed by a patient.

    Love the cat pictures! I have five and half. The half is rapidly becoming 3/4 – he has made tentative forays into the house and looked around. Doesn’t want to stay though.


    • I sometimes wonder how much of a kickback doctors get for prescribing medications. Sleep doctor just said I was to go on Lyrica. No discussion. No answering my questions. Just right to Lyrica.
      1/2 cat is definitely on his way to becoming lap cat.

  12. Wow, Norbert is a patient kitty. And I like the five ginger cats in a row.

    As for Cosby, I don’t know what’s in his head, of course. But I imagine that he feels he has been wrongly judged and unfairly punished. I don’t think narcissists ever really take the blame. As a prime example, I give you Trump.

    • No. I don’t think he will ever admit blame, even to himself. I think a lot of celebrities fall into narcissism. Or maybe they are born that way and that’s how they became celebrities. Who knows?

    • I am definitely doing a lot better finding this shit out on my own. I know you know this from personal experience. And it’s sad that it has to be this way.

  13. Dear Birdie, you said nothing to that specialist because he doesn’t know how to listen. Or, he chooses not to learn. Or, he simply doesn’t care about the opinions of others. I thought of all this while I watched the Dr. Ford/Judge Kavanaugh hearing this week. So many people don’t know how to listen without having a hidden agenda. And that’s so many on that Judiciary Committee–both Republican and Democrat. Most of them have a hidden agenda and are just waiting until a speaker gets through speaking so that they can then sally forth with their opinions! Peace.

  14. Norbert in a unicorn costume . . . I’VE SEEN IT ALL NOW . . . no wonder he’s now as Ungrateful Bastard. He’s paid his dues, man.

    • I always tell Norbert I paid “good money” for him so he has to humour me occasionally and let me dress him up. He disagrees but if that’s the worse thing in his life I saw he still has it made.

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