Last night I got it into my head that I would change the look of my blog and 20 minutes later it was a disgusting red and looked like a stuck pig bled all over it, whatever that means. This morning I got up and just did not care even a little bit so reverted back to what I had so now you and I are stuck with it. If I don’t have the energy to change a shirt that is on backwards I am not going to change the look of my blog. Seriously, who has time for things like that? Well, I do but I would rather use that time watching Netflix or doing cross-stitch.

It was clean the house day. Well, everyday is clean the house but Monday is for changing the bedding and cleaning the bathrooms. In an earlier post I asked about line drying bed sheets in the house and I thought and thought of the easiest way. I wanted something inexpensive and also that could be taken down if we need to. Then I remembered these things.

It was only $2.08 at Amazon so I had it shipped with another order. My husband put up the hooks in the basement last night then I put it up when it arrived this afternoon. It went up lickety split. It is long enough to hold one set of bedsheets. Now I won’t have to use the dryer. In the grand scheme of things it is not even a drop in the ocean but I am trying. I am.

Norbert and I are on our own for two days. Norbert plans to sleep. I plan to do geneology, cross-stitch and housework. Baking some more of Maggie’s cookies is on my list of things I want to do. When I am alone Norbert stays upstairs with me. Why I do this makes no sense at all because he is just going to keep me awake but I like the company. On the geneology front I connected with another second cousin this week and she gave me this picture of my grandma and her sisters. Unfortunately I do not know who is who yet.

I am going to send it to a different second cousin and see if she can ask her mom who is 97 and might know. Did I ever mention that I have some super old people in my family? Some lived into their 100’s.

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  1. I love old photos like these! They are simply priceless. I have a whole bunch from my mom and there are (unfortunately) some people in there that are unknown, especially photos that were my dad’s from his youth. I never thought to ask him while he was alive about some of them. But I still love the images. They remind me that my parents were once young and looking forward to the future. Time sure flies, doesn’t it?

    • If you start uploading them you will be able to see more detail and be able to find out who some of the people are. It’s a geneology trick. 😉

    • We have so many pictures of these days. I delete just as many as I take. But back 100 years ago you were lucky to have one picture. I treasure these pictures so much more because of this.

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