This morning I wore socks, also known as foot jails, for the first time since May. Something inside of me died a little. This afternoon I put my feather duvet that my mom bought me on my bed and felt all warm and happy. Then Norbert and I had an argument about him being allowed to pee on it. He did it once a few years back and if I have ever been ready to take Norbert to the SPCA that was the day. Oh, was I mad. Tonight we had another argument over milk because we don’t have any so in a rage he bit one of my houseplants. I heard a loud rip of leaves. Now he is downstairs for the night for being a naughty cat. It’s a completely finished basement with food and water and a huge fluffy cat bed but he knows he has been bad. He was crying for a minute but I think he’s gone to sleep now.

Earlier I had a bath and when I was getting dressed I put my pyjama top on backwards. It is still on backwards. Agh. Who has the energy to fix these things?

Stay tuned. This week I am canning pears. My biological dad and stepmom gave us 8 pounds. I have never canned anything before so this may prove interesting.

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  1. Norbert and Jazz ARE related. When Jazz doesn’t like his food (you know the food that was delicious yesterday) he walks over and bites my ankle. If I chastise him he tells the smaller portion that he has been beaten.
    I have socks on today too. For the second time this year. Foot jail is an accurate term, but when I was heading out the door before dawn this morning I thought it sensible. And I am now too tired to take them off.

  2. Canned pears are delicious, it will be interesting to discover whether or not you like canning. I don’t remember learning to hot water bath can, I was a chid when I began helping my Mom, but I do remember learning how to pressure can, that intimidated me at first, but after a few canning sessions my confidence grew and I am quite comfortable with it now.

    I love socks! My feet feel caressed. The diversity of experience is amazing and wonderful, always interesting.

    • My grandma’s pressure cooker blew up one day and I have been afraid of them ever since. I think I have already told you that. I tend to repeat myself sometimes. I tend to repeat myself sometimes.
      Working in home support has taught me one thing that I know for sure. The diversity of human experience is amazing. We may all be the same species but we can be so vastly different.

  3. It’s cooler here too and a “cold snap” is moving through on Tues-Wed. There are even whispers of the dreaded word “snow.” I hope not.

  4. “socks, also known as foot jails”

    LOL that’s a good one …
    So is wearing things backward. I discovered this spring when in Kelowna with my little sisters that I was wearing my lululemon shirt backwards and had been doing so since the day I received it about a year ago. The good kind of sisters (like mine) will always tell you when you’re being backward instead of leaving you to find out for yourself.

  5. By the way, in my link directory (at I’ve moved your blog link to a more prominent position because you’ve been updating often. It’s set up so your blog rises to the top when you update. Hope you keep it up. By the way, hope you’re enjoying being unemployed — getting a good rest and luxuriating in the freedom. -Kate

  6. I would have gotten rid of him too if he did that on my bed. Putting him downstairs may teach him a lesson. Canning pears, lucky you. I’m trying to find an orchard nearby that will let you pick your own fruit for a price so I can set up some stuff before autumn really starts around here. Peach season is over.

  7. I wore socks this morning, too, but I’m sure it’s much colder where you are than where I am.
    My mother-in-law used to can pickled pears. They were so delicious, but I don’t have the recipe. Not that I’d make them anyway. I’ve never canned anything. Well, I made jam once. Does that count? Good luck with your pears.

  8. I can barely breathe when I have to put socks on. It feels like I am suffocating.
    Pears are my absolute favorite thing!! My MIL used to make Pear jam. It was the best stuff I’ve ever tasted (damn her to hell and back). If I were you, I’d watch out for Norbert during the next couple of days. He’s going to want to pay you back for that basement stunt you pulled.

    • That is exactly how I feel about socks. Thankfully Norbert brain is roughly the size of a Brussels sprout so he forgets. At least that is what I hope. He was nice to be this morning.

  9. We have died of heat and humidity a million times over since the beginning of June and suddenly BAM we’re freezing. I’m with you on the socks. Feet should be free! LOL

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