So far it has been a very quiet day at Birdie’s nest. Woke up at 8:30 and was going to go back to sleep but I find that now that I am older I can’t do that anymore. Off to the couch I went with coffee that grew cold and is still sitting beside me hours later.

About 13 years ago I bought a bike. I have rode is maybe 4 times. Why? Because I am 5′ 3 and all the adult bikes were too big for me and the children’s bikes were too small. With this bike I could just barely reach the ground on my tippy toes which is very scary when you want to actually stop. For about 12 years and 11 months I thought about cutting the pole part of the seat to see if that helps. I got around to it today and what do you know it worked! I can put my feet on the ground now. There is also an app called Garage 529 which registers your bike in case it gets stolen. Around here the chances of your bike getting swiped are astronomical. If your bike is left it will get stolen. It’s just fact. Here is a my bike with the seat in a lower position.

It is not fancy or expensive but it’s a bike so there’s that.

Trump doesn’t get mentioned too often on this blog but … amonymous…amonylous. What a knuckle dragging Neanderthal. My husband and I watched that about 10 times and it just kept getting funnier.

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    • Because Trump does or says something every single day I don’t bother posting about it but this was especially funny. That said, I give a wide berth to people like my stepdad who have severe dyslexia and mangle words all the time. We tease him because he has never been able to say vinegar (vigenar). He has been tested to be at a university level but would not be able to spell his grandchildren’s names.

  1. We are the same height 🙂 They have different heights for bikes but most of them don’t work. I always have to search for the one that I can use properly. Regardless, I’m always touching the ground with my toes when I stop pedaling. I’m always in awe of those who stand with their feet firmly planted on the ground while they sit on their bikes…haha…

    • The dingbats that redid our kitchen before we bought our house had all the cupboards put in about 6 inches higher than standard. I can just reach the bottom shelf. I now have 3 different stools just for getting things depending on what shelf they are on. They also put the shower extra high. I am not kidding, by the time the water gets to me it has cooled because it’s just a mist at that point. I can barely reach the shower head standing on my tip toes, that’s how high it is. I could understand if they were tall and staying but the renovations were for selling the house. The should have made everything standard. I should do a post on it one day.

  2. Doesn’t he look tired and old now. It’s funny how my husband and I couldn’t believe how he didn’t age much in the beginning. Our presidents always age quickly. Too much stress. We figured it was because he doesn’t give a hoot about anything, that it all just rolls off his back. But we can tell now that the Russia investigation, the unflattering books, the anonymous op-ed, etc. are all beginning getting to him.

    Your bike looks great and what a good idea to lower the seat. Enjoy it in good health, Birdie!!

    And one more thing. If you ever change your blog, consider the name “Birdie’s Nest.” Cute. So cute.

    • You just blew my mind! Now I want a new blog.
      I always felt sad when I saw Barack Obama was looking visibly older. Trump has rolled over people his whole life and I except he was going to do the same as President. I wonder how he really feels deep down or is he too much of a narcissist to even see the truth?

  3. It is hard not to watch the spectacle of Trump, just as it is hard not to glance at a flasher on the subway, they both feed on the attention.

    Trump ridicules others. It is little wonder he is ridiculed in turn. I taught people with physical and intellectual challenges and find shaming on this basis very difficult to observe. What people are ridiculing in Trump are not his challenges, but his arrogance, greed, and inhumanity.

    When Trump is shamed for his human failings, the shamer is in the mud pit with him. I wish that shaming him for his arrogance, greed, and inhumanity spread as quickly as shaming him for his obvious physical and intellectual challenges.

    • This is so true. As I said to another comment above, my stepdad has severe dyslexia and makes mistakes like this often. But he is the kindest and gentlest and most humble man I have ever met. Trump’s is a narcissistic to the highest degree so when he makes small mistakes like this it makes it so easy to bash him.

  4. Cool bike and neat idea to make it easier for you to ride it. I saw that asshat on the TV and I would have turned it off but I noticed the young guy in the blue plaid shirt behind him with the girl in red and a guy next to her in a white T-shirt. What I noticed was he was listening to Agent Orange and making faces. The three of them are all Democrats and in high school and went to see the idiot rant and rave for themselves. The kids get replaced by women later in the speech. But look at the kid in plaid face and gestures close to in the back of President dumbass when he’s trying to say anonymous and ends up saying coward.

  5. the guy in the green plaid shirt behind the garbled speech maker got removed moments later for inappropriate facial expressions. the whole thing was pretty funny tragic.

  6. When I bought my bike they fitted it to me so that it would be exactly the right bike. I’ve had it for more than twenty-five years. I ride a few times a year, so I’ve gotten my money’s worth.

    God, Trump is an idiot.

    • I should have been properly fitted but it was a big sale and I just bought it and didn’t think it out. I should have just spent the money and bought a proper bike.

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