It is RAINING like it means it today. It hasn’t rained like this in months and boy, do we need it. It is dry, dry, dry way deep into the earth. This summer doesn’t owe us a thing and it’s probably been the best summer of my life.

Today I said ‘goodbye until next year’ to some summer stuff. The lawn chairs will be kept on the deck for a few more weeks. We brought in the space heaters but will not likely need them for a couple of  weeks.

We were gifted plums from two different people so I thought I would make plum butter. Up until recently I had never even heard of plum butter but after looking up recipes online on how to use plums I decided to try it. I didn’t follow the recipe exactly and just winged it, as I usually do with most recipes. It called for it to be cooked on the stove but I just brought it to a boil on the stove then switched it over to the crock pot. It is so delicious! A little piece of what heaven might taste like.

And here is a rainbow. No filters on this one. Isn’t it pretty?

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  1. I am a tad jealous reading your post today. Rain and rainbows are among my most favourite things. And how I love the smell of rain-washed air. We are in drought here, and the predictions are that it is not going to break any time soon.
    The plum butter looks special too.

  2. The rainbow is beautiful and I couldn’t help but notice we have the same organics bucket.

    I would tell you to lay naked on the grass but I know I’m too chicken to do it, even though I like being naked. I had a dream last night that I had my young body again and damn it looked good, something I didn’t appreciate when I was a young woman.

    We’re supposed to get rain here for the next week so I spent part of yesterday cleaning up the garden. My pots are gone from the deck and I miss my flowers already but they were done.

    • Just ask my daughter about our conversations about her body. I have told her many times to enjoy it now because gravity and time takes its toll. I have especially told her to love her breasts because they *will* end up looking like tennis balls on a pair of old sweat socks if she has children and chooses to breastfeed. 🎾 🧦 🎾 🧦

  3. We are supposed to have rain like 60% but not a drop yet. Plum butter? Never heard of it. I gotta go look that up and see for myself. Beautiful rainbow!

  4. Oh, plum butter! Yum! Just reading it makes my mouth water.
    We’ve had a lot of rain this summer, too. In fact, it’s raining today.
    Lovely rainbow.

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