It is early even for me. This morning I woke at 7:00 and was tired but not able to go back to sleep. Yesterday I made a major and huge life decision and quit my job. Well, no. The decision was made weeks ago and I did it yesterday. Over the last year the dynamic has changed so much. From seeing 6 or 7 patients a day to seeing 21 or 22. Care is rushed. For instance, workers now get 20 minutes to give a shower to someone who is sick or elderly or has a disability. That is 20 minutes from the moment we pull in the driveway to the moment we pull out. Anyway, there are about 25 other factors in my decision but I really don’t want to go into it. I have agonized over the decision. Before all the changes I loved my work. And I still do. I love the work. But at some point my work became a job. It became drudgery. It became stressful. It became a loud clamour in my heart and brain. It was not an easy decision. I gave up decent pay, though we are still the lowest paid of all medical professionals, extended health care benefits and a pension. I gave up job stability. When I went in my nurse leader was saddened and really listened to all I had to say. She said that I was an excellent worker and a valuable member of the team. She gave me a hug and an excellent reference but she too is just one of the countless cogs on a broken system. She is powerless to make changes that have been made by people who have never worked a day in healthcare.

What will I be doing next? I’m not sure. Today I am making an appointment with an employment counsellor. Of course there is anxiety but I am at peace.

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  1. I cannot believe it, but my husband and I were talking about this very topic this morning. I cared for my father at home because the long-term care facility could not take care of their patients properly. They are run for profit. They had 15 patients per healthcare giver. It was too much. I cannot imagine 15 and I really cannot imagine 20. It’s a tragedy for the patients and the employee. Such an awful thing. They will lose good employees and who will do that job next? I hope you find something rewarding and secure to do. Much luck.

  2. Onward and upward then, dearie! It sounds like the best choice. No job is worth that kind of stress … unless you’ll starve without it, I suppose. Can’t wait to see where you go next! -Kate

  3. Thank the Goddess!! I was thinking you quit but I wasn’t really sure. I’m so glad you did it. I hope you find a better job that isn’t so all-consuming of you and makes you happy.

  4. Good for you! There is nothing worse than being such a caring person like yourself and being forced into rushing and doing a poor job for your clients. There are so many jobs in your field and I know you will find a wonderful one that you will be much happier doing. Good luck finding just the right job.

  5. I’m glad that you are at peace with your decision. And I’m glad that you quit your job. It hurt my heart knowing that you suffered because you knew the time allowed for caregiving wasn’t enough and that the patients were suffering too. Good for you Birdie. Believe me when I say this that YOU are one of the good ones…YOU are a true healer. xoxo

  6. I am glad you are at peace! A friend of mine was fired recently from a job she’s done for many years and was good at. They’ll try to get someone to do more work for less money. It’s sad how little some companies value their staff.
    I believe the counselor will help you find something great that suits you much more. Best wishes! 😘

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