Nothing going on here. Just a day. Dug some dandelions out of the front yard, watered the strawberries and raked a little. I finished painting this little bird purple. It was originally attached to a cheap small birdbath that broke several years ago. The rest had to be thrown away but I put the bird in the garden. Yesterday I was spray painting outside and needed something to stop the newspaper underneath from blowing away so I grabbed the little bird and decided to paint it while I was at it. It turned out cute.

What I was painting originally was this frame. It was just a wood frame before and I decided it needed to be purple. I do love purple and keep cans of spray paint on hand when I see something that needs to be purpled.

It is most definitely headed into fall. Every morning I put on my fuzzy robe now. Summer nighties have been replaced by warmer, but still lightweight, pyjamas. Ah, summers almost over, almost over. I was thinking of flannel sheets last night. Not yet though. Not yet. Here is the very last of the lavender.

That tablecloth was a thrift store find. It goes outside in the summer with thick plastic over it. I love it. It’s so pretty and feminine. It’s kind of sad to think that someone likely spent hours and hours on it and it ended up in a thrift store. But it has a happy ending because now I have it and it makes me happy.

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  1. Love that tablecloth – and that you are cherishing and enjoying the work of someone long gone. It is a nice way to be remembered.
    Love your purple bird too.
    I am about to head into the garden. I have already gunned down a few cockatoos and need to weed. They flew off wet and laughing. While in the garden I will also grieve for the plants they beheaded.

    • If she was anything like my grandma she would be spinning in her grave knowing it was being left outside. But, better that than a closet or a rag bag.

  2. I wish we still had some lavender left. Our two bushes bloomed and then didn’t do a second bloom or at least not much because of our perpetual hot weather and probably all the smoke for weeks didn’t help either. The tablecloth is lovely and so is your purple bird.

    • Only one of my lavender plants bloomed and it was not much either. That bunch was about 1/4 of what was there. I definitely imagine the smoke would have suffocated your plants. I hope the air is clearing for you now. It was such a bad year. We had several days but it was so much worse for most of B.C.

  3. Purple is such a great colour. It is certainly one of my favourites. I often wonder about the items in thrift stores – what their story is, who they belonged to, how they ended up there.

    • I do too. Sometimes it’s sad when you see beautiful items like the tablecloth that were made with so much love and care. If someone in my family made something like that I would, and do, cherish it.

  4. I am a fan of purple as well. I remember the year my mum spent in a full leg cast, she embroidered and knitted the whole time.

  5. Purple… my absolute fav color! And lavender… I am using an organic hand sanitizer that is just heavenly. The background on my phone is lavender. And I put oil on my pillow to help with sleep.
    It’s still ridiculously hot today. I work with a children’s program and they couldn’t even play outside. It’s bleh out there. Fall is coming, just not quite yet.

    • My favourite colour changes depending on my mood but if I had to choose one colour to have to wear for the rest of my life it world be purple. My bedroom is lavender. I love it so much.

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