I Need Plant People

This afternoon I finally got caught up replying to comments. So if I missed yours you can go back and check. My apologies to a few I missed when replying to others.

I have never done well with plants. I’m usually love them to death or Norbert bites them. This year has been an exception. All my plants are thriving. This is Ayana. (I name my plants people names.) Ayana is an African girl’s name meaning ‘pretty bloom’. Isn’t that a perfect name? Anyway, she is doing very well and I repotted her this summer with a pot size according to an African violet website. The problem is she seems tippy in the pot. I tried putting up soil around the base but she still feels like her leaves are going to break off from the base. I was thinking of stakes but I don’t want to damage her roots. Any suggestions?

Recently I posted that I think Facebook is sending me targeted ads, even though I have targeted ads tuned off, after I got one for pee proof underwear and an ad for a product to stop my thighs from rubbing together and chafing. This is the latest. I am definitely being targeted. How do they know my memory is failing?

And this. This has been pissing me off forever. How do I change my tagline in Blogger? I have been trying on and off for a couple of years and can’t figure it out. Please, please tell me.

12 thoughts on “I Need Plant People

  1. That african violet looks better than any of mine ever did. I got embarrassed and stopped getting them. Some plants I can grow, and some are epic fails. African violets, gardenia, maidenhair ferns…

    • It’s weird because I have tried many times over the years to grow plants and it’s never worked. I got the violet last year and was absolutely thrilled when it bloomed earlier this year.

  2. I wouldn’t worry yet with the African Violet tipping. just place it near a window and see what it does. If you really feel you need to prop it up so the base doesn’t break then use a skinny bamboo teriyaki skewer. Gently stick it into the soil using the pointed side. My mother used to do that all the time.

  3. That’s sweet that you name your plants. I do not do house plants. I’ll grow tons of things outside, but bring it in? It’ll be dead in a month.-Jenn

    • I figure naming them might make them know that I care about them. Maybe that’s why they are growing now. But I just thought, if they die I will have formed a relationship with them and I am going to feel worse than if I hadn’t named them.

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