This morning I awoke with a terrible headache so I took an ibuprofen and went back to bed. Norbert came back to bed with me and was very loving and kept tapping me gently on the face because he wants skritches. Morning Norbert is a totally different cat than the Daytime and Nightime Norbert. At night we put him downstairs so he can do cat shit. (We don’t ask.) When my husband is away I let him stay upstairs because I feel safer having him with me. Maybe he would help me if I was getting murdered. Anyway, Norbert is very nice in the morning and gets in a worse mood as the day goes on. By nighttime he is in a foul mood. I am not kidding. He is like an old man. He wants to go to bed because he’s tired but he can’t go until he has his milk. He starts running around trying to trip me. He meows his whiny meow which drives me crazy. He also does naughty things like getting into my plants or hopping on the counter just to make me mad. He figures if I have to get up to discipline him I will give him milk, “since you’re already up”, his words, not mine. He won’t stop until he gets milk. Once I give him milk he goes downstairs and usually calls me swearing names before he curls up in his bed and goes to sleep. Come morning he is all sweet and nice again.

Today I had planned a quieter day. I finished the painting on the deck. It looks nice now. This is part of a picture from last winter then now.

This afternoon our toilet was acting weird and then stopped working completely so I went to Home Hardware (a Canadian icon) and got the piece and my husband and I put it on and when we turned the water back on it sounded like a jack hammer was in the house. Not exaggerating. It was loud! He wanted to call a plumber. I didn’t because they wanted to charge time and half. No way! So I looked up the problem online. It is called a Water Hammer … don’t read between the brackets unless you want to know how to fix a water hammer (it has something to do with air in the system. The fix is a process of turning off the water main then all the taps in the house on from highest to lowest, letting the lowest drain completely then turning water main back on then all the taps off lowest to highest.) Of course there were other problem along the way like the new part was not extending and the toilet shifting off its base and then the toilet seat was super loose and I noticed how filthy everything was and it took forever to get it all done. But now it’s spic and span and the toilet is tight on its base and the seat is not wiggly and everything is very, very clean. This is one project where I did more than my husband. He is very handy but I am stubborn and wanted to fix it ourselves if we could. So much for a quiet day.

P.S. – There is no disciplining a cat.

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  1. I hope your headache is completely gone.
    Well done on the do-it-yourself plumbing.
    Jazz is awful to me in the morning. Starting about 3am when he wants attention and preferably food.
    By the time my partner gets up (many hours after me) Jazz has worked off most of his nastiness.
    And no, there is definitely no disciplining a cat.

    • We need to do DNA tests on our cats. They are brothers, I am sure of it. Norbert definitely loves my husband more than me. Typical. Just typical.

  2. Do you know just how beautiful it is where you live?!?

    My black cat Teddy Bear is a hangry curmudgeon. But in the morning he is the sweetest letting me pet him. My little grey cay is also sweetest in the morning, but he is usually sweet when he is away from Teddy. And my deceased cat was the sweetest in the mornings too. Maybe it’s a cat thing? Maybe cats are morning people? My husband is also nicest in the morning … Maybe he’s a cat?!?

    How’s the headache? I read most headaches are due to dehydration. Hope you’re feline better meow after your catnap. ❤

    • You know what? I love my home and yard so much. I lived in a condo up until 7 years ago right one the busiest parts of the busiest highways. I was so grateful for a home but the constant noise and lack of trees was so hard, especially since I grew up in the country that still had dirt roads. I am so grateful to get up and see such a green yard. I never want to move.
      I think cats probably are morning people. 😂

  3. Ahhh, Norbert. That’s too bad about waking with a headache. Way to go trouble shooting and figuring out the whole toilet thing. It is rather important to have a working toilet! -Jenn

    • We have another one downstairs but if I had to make it there in the night I would probably fall down the stairs. Or pee myself. Or both. Probably both.

  4. My young dog Frankie whispers to me in the morning. She places her face right up to my face and speaks very softly. It’s nice that she doesn’t want to startle me but I think I would like it better if she just barked loudly and got it over with.

    • Norbert needs his own blog. But he is incredibly lazy so nothing would get written. He is also entitled and would expect something in return like Temptations.

    • It may be impressive but it was more out of cheapness than anything else. I always say I am in the wrong line of work because whenever I get anyone in to fix anything it costs more than I make in a day. They make it in an hour.

  5. Cats are weird, my own included. I’m trying to do a reno on my bathroom upstairs but I have to convince the big guy to help me and that’s like pulling teeth. Eventually when I start pulling things apart, he’ll step up. I bought paint and a light fixture this morning so we’ll see what happens.

    It’s pissing down rain here right now, which we need, so I’m going to stay inside and putter.

    Hope you have a lovely long weekend.

    • Norbert has the biggest personality of any cat I have owned. Today he was on the sundeck which he is not allowed off of. He was standing at the gate waiting for me to open it and let him out. Like I would forget that he’s not allowed outside and just open it. I told him he is an inside cat so he went back under the barbecue for a nap.

  6. From the dawn of time women have been trying to do everything better than their husbands and succeeding at it. That good for nothing bad ol’ cat.

    • Actually, my husband is brilliant at fixing things. He didn’t have a dad around growing up and what he has taught himself amazes me. In all our years of living here he has turned our previously shitty house into a beautiful home. And he flys by me in the garden as well. And cooking. I’m funnier though. There is that.

  7. You totally lost me on the toilet stuff… I’d hand Ron a tool if he needed one, but otherwise… call the plumber. lol
    You make me laugh with Norbert talk though. Having a ‘Greta’ I can understand that mean/nice/swearing cat words. haha I miss her sometimes… well… not so much. lol Yeah, okay, I do.

    • Norbert definitely has his own way of speaking. His eyes. They are the true window to his soul and it’s a dark and stormy place. If he wasn’t so soft and so damn cute he would be hard to love. We have a very codependent relationship. Oh, and his purr. He walks up to me and purrs when I come home and how can you not love that?

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