Well, I am just a Susie* homemaker. I wonder if people named Susie resent that term? I think I would. But I am Susie Homemaker because this week alone I made plum and apple chutney, applesauce and today I made spaghetti sauce, all from our own garden or farmers market. No. That is a lie. I had some frozen tomato paste in the freezer and threw that in. The ground beef is local, hormone/antibiotic free, grass fed and ethically raised. We are fortunate to be able to get almost all our meat from a Hospice fundraiser. Proceeds go to Hospice, local farmers are supported and we get excellent quality meat. The only thing that I don’t know how to fix is it’s a pink colour more than the traditional red of spaghetti sauce. It’s quite a lot pinker than the picture. How do I make it red? And why is this paragraph in italics?

The last few weeks I have been working on repainting the sundeck railing. It started with this picture.

I thought, huh… I should probably wash that railing and so I did and then after I washed it I liked that it was much cleaner looking but it could probably use a quick coat of primer and that led to sanding and filling holes and after the primer I thought it could use another coat so I put on another coat but then it didn’t match the railing that leads downstairs because it was also dirty so I washed it and then thought that it needed primer too and then I really liked how nice all the white looked but then I noticed the green looks shabby next to the nice white so yesterday I scraped paint and sanded it all down and today I will fill holes then paint. Moral? Don’t wash things.

Last night I was thinking about this. If you know what this is I know you are Canadian and that you were born before 1979 and if your house was like mine your parents let you have some with dinner at Christmas even though it was 12% alcohol. It tasted awful but the baby duck was so cute you drank it anyway. I am sure this stuff started a long and illustrious career in alcoholism for a lot of Canadians. It did in our family. Not me. I became the codependent caretaker. My brother. But he’s been sober for 27 years now so it all worked out.

*Am I the only one that still thinks Seinfeld is hilarious and still uses quotes from the show?

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  1. I remember Baby Duck, was never a wine fan so never tasted it.

    If your spaghetti sauce is pink, I wonder if your tomatoes were pink? The colour of my spaghtetti sauce is determined by the tomatoes I use, and it was really weird the year I grew yellow tomatoes…

    The domino effect gets me every time! Your paint job looks great!

    • It has reddened up now. But yes, some of the tomatoes were on the lighter side. I think yellow spaghetti sauce sounds neat. I would eat it but I do love me some spaghetti and don’t have any trouble downing a plate or two.

  2. I don’t think we had Baby Duck here.
    The jobs that grow and grow and grow do my head in. Good luck with your painting.
    And hooray for homemakers. Whatever name they answer to.

    • Baby Duck, as far as I know, was only sold in Canada. Like Hawkin’s Cheezies. I believe you have Monte Carlos which I just discovered yesterday are biscuits or cookies as we call them here. I didn’t know what a Monte Carlo was and had to ask. Getting my worldly education from watching the TV show Wentworth. 😂

  3. Oh yeah, I drank my fair share of Baby Duck when I was a teenager. I was just reminiscing the other day with a bunch of similar old Boomers about Baby Duck and (remember these?) Gimli Goose and Lonesome Charlie! Gawd, rotgut one and all.

  4. I never drank baby duck! Am I not Canadian enough? I hope that’s not true. I did my fair share of skating and building snow forts and making snow angels. So there is that 🙂

  5. I sent you an email for my tomato sauce for spaghetti. Hope it helps.I love the petunias in the flower box. So pretty.

    • Oh, thanks for the recipe. Yesterday I just threw in what we had in the fridge from the market and what was in our garden. It was the best sauce I’ve ever had. Unfortunately, no recipe to do it again. I’m going to miss my flower boxes. They are going over now.

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