I Miss My Memory

Last night I was going through old emails that I have sent to myself. Almost every night when I snuggle down in bed I will remember something that I forgot to do so I send myself an email from my iPod to my iPad. Then I get up the next morning and do what needs to be done. Sometimes that doesn’t go as planned because I will have no idea what I meant. I also send emails to myself during the day and still have no clue. Here are some for your viewing pleasure

What is Eldy? Or is Eldy a who?

My last grandma died 14 years ago. There is no grandma.



Ct pas. Your guess is as good as mine. I think this one bugs me the most because they are not even words.

Check. Check what?

How do hotmail and blankets connect and why do I have to check on this?

Bubbles? A huge WTF?

This one has a question mark. So now I have a question about a question and what exactly is a recovery chair?

Noviate. Another word that is not a word and makes sense at all.

In other news, here is a weird apple.

And in more other news… we don’t have a microwave and haven’t had one for years. The one we had just stopped working one day and we didn’t bother to fix it because we almost never used it and microwaves freak me out and we didn’t want to spend the money. This particular microwave was a built-in and was also a exhaust fan/light for over the stove so we had the broken microwave but it was only being used for the fan and light. When our dishwasher stopped working we had someone in to fix it and we were talking about the microwave and the repair guy said he knew what was wrong with it without even looking at it and could fix it in 10 minutes. He said he would be back the next day. As soon as he left I scoffed and went into a 20 minute speech because nothing these days is an easy fix that can be done in 10 minutes. “Mark my word, this will end up costing $300.00”, I said. My husband assured me that it would be under $20.00 to fix. The next day I was proven right after repair guy worked on it for over an hour and had to unhook the entire thing and put it in his van to bring it home because it was taking longer than expected. *sigh/eye roll* He called us and was going to cost $200.00 to fix plus labour for the hour he spent at our place and whatever time it would take to fix it at his place. “Forget it”, said I. So… are you wondering where this is going? For the last 2 months we had neither microwave or kitchen exhaust fan or light. It was just an empty hole. Now my husband loves a bargain and can fix anything. Anything. While out riding his bike he saw a treasure at the side of the road and came home with that guilty smile. He told me that he had “found something” and quicker than you can say Jack Robinson her was out the door and getting in the car to go pick up his roadside treasure. I may have yelled at him to not bring home anymore garbage as the car taillights went up the street. He comes home and goes straight to the shed to lock up his treasure. I was doing dishes, because-the-dishwasher-never-did get-fixed-story-for-another-time, when I started questioning him. He showed me this. A kitchen exhaust fan with light! It must have had thirty years of yellow grease on it which took me over an hour to clean. You could have buttered toast with all the thick slime in the filter. My handy husband rewired it and we hung it up. So there ya go. A new to us kitchen exhaust fan with light. I think it looks brand new. Best of all, it was free! The inside looks yellowish but I can promise you it is gleaming white because that’s the way my mama raised me.

And this is when you want the last 3 minutes of your life back after reading this post.

22 thoughts on “I Miss My Memory

  1. Yay for the way your mama raised you. And yay for a new light.
    Of all the things I have lost, it is my mind I miss the most. Which is painfully true here too. I write myself notes, but can no longer read my own handwriting.

    • My nana had red hair and people called her a little red hen. She used to collect chicken stuff so I bought it to remember her. The little hen beside the timer was hers.

  2. Ugh. My Rare One is always picking up treasures on garbage day too. But what’s truly maddening is that sometimes it actually is good stuff.

    Your cryptic notes gave me a good laugh! I’m sure they all made perfect sense at the time, right?

    • Yes, my husband does find some really good stuff. He also goes on Kijiji (no idea how to spell that) and Craigslist and will all of a sudden have to “go out” because he has to get there before everyone else. And yes, they always make sense before I send them. Always.

  3. Oh Barbara….you make me laugh😂😂😂
    I too send emails to my self, but I actually type out what I want to remember!😂😂😂
    Maybe a few more words would be helpful!
    Have a great day!
    Linda :o)

    • We try really hard to live responsibly. When we bought the house we live in now the fridge was brand new stainless steel. After 6 years it stopped working and couldn’t be fixed. Instead of buying new that we knew would last less than 10 yers we bought a second hand one that we knew would outlast anything we bought new. And it was only $150.00! FYI – the new appliances of today are too large for the motors and that’s why they don’t last. And they make the parts so expensive people often opt to just buy a new one. Appliance makers know this. If the appliances in my mom’s day lasted 25 years or more they should be able to do it now but there’s no money in that. So, into the landfill. Okay. Tirade over.

  4. I think I gagged a little bit when you said that you could have buttered toast with the slime from the filter. Ack!
    Does your iPad have autocorrect? My iPhone autocorrects my typing all the time. That pisses me right the duck off. See what I mean?

  5. I loved this entry! I have many “profound revelations” while half asleep and even if I wake enough to write anything down, they often make no sense in the morning. Join the club, kiddo. Also liked finding out more about your hubby, but a shadowy presence in your life since I began reading your blog. We’ve been in this house since 2009 and my busy hubby still hasn’t installed the stove fan, which I believe has been purchased and is in a box in the basement. Send your husband over here. He won’t have to fix, just install. -Kate

  6. I send myself emails as memory jogs too, though mine are not nearly as cryptic and mysterious as yours. And that new exhaust fan and light look perfect. Good job with that!

  7. I also use my iPhone to send me notes but my problem is that, when I see these brilliant ideas by the light of day, they are usually worthless.

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