Fall is still a month away but it feels like it rolled in quietly as we slept. This morning I woke to a little rain on the ground and the temperature at 16 C. (61 F.) I am wearing a light cardigan and have a blanket on my legs and my fuzzy socks on.

Today I was watching a Netflix documentary and the were showing the inside of a bar in Texas. Everyone was smoking. Are you allowed to smoke in public places in the U.S? In my province you aren’t allowed to smoke anywhere. No smoking in any public place including restaurants, bars, care facilities, hospital grounds or school grounds with the windows closed. You can’t smoke on beaches, playgrounds or in your car with anyone under 16. It is even illegal for stores and shops to have tobacco products anywhere in sight. I guess I was under the impression that the laws were same everywhere. I am interested. What are the laws where you live?

My daughter posted this on Facebook and it made me laugh. Not only does it most definitely describe my life but it is Frog and Toad. I adore Frog and Toad and read the books over and over to my kids when they were small. We read them so much they eventually fell apart so last year I ordered the entire treasury in hardcover.

A few days ago I found this picture of my mom. She was about 16 here. The cool thing about all these old pictures is being able to take a picture of them and how clear they come out. The original of this is smaller than the inside of my palm, a 2×3, but when I take a picture I can see all the small details.

It’s like this one of my mom’s girlfriends. I couldn’t see much on the original but I can here. Isn’t it cool? It was taken circa 1961. It looks like something out of Grease. So, moral to the story, if you have any old photos try taking a picture of them and uploading them to your computer. You’ll be amazed at details you never noticed before.

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  1. LOVE those precious photos.
    Smoking is virtually illegal in public here. No enclosed spaces, nowhere which sells food or drink to consume, nowhere near health facilities.
    Some still do.
    Most do not.

      • It is so dry here. Over 500 fires currently burning in the province. I don’t want summer to be over but we do need the rain and soon.

    • Smoking in my province has become mostly taboo. It is my understanding that less than 15 % of people smoke and you don’t see it much in public these days. As an incentive, the province fully funds patches, nicotine gum and prescription medications.

  2. Here in the U.S. it varies. We have a statewide smoking ban in NJ for bars/restaurants, schools/hospitals, inside of course, but some even on their grounds. Beaches/boardwalks have designated areas, I think. There are areas within the gaming casinos where it’s permitted. States vary. I don’t think Texas has a statewide ban so some cities probably do allow smoking in more places.
    I smoked a long time ago, but am so thankful to have been able to quit maybe 20 years back. I can’t stand it now. Tooooo many people still do it, my kids, some friends, family, neighbors… bleh, awful.
    I love the old photos!

    • Everyone in my family smoked at one point. I was chatting the other day with a woman who is 67 and she was telling me that doctors told women that smoking and drinking was perfectly safe because an unborn baby was completely separate from the mom.

  3. I have noticed that digital pictures are handy for seeing details. I take pictures of things far away, then load them onto the computer and enlarge them to see distant things my eyes alone would never pick up. Same with things that are too small to read, works a treat. That is a lovely picture of you Mom!

    • I love looking at pictures of my mom as a girl. There aren’t many of them, probably less than a dozen, but it shows me a young girl that I never new, before she became my mom. I would have loved to have known her. Kind of like Back to the Future.

  4. Those photos are priceless. I LOVE old photos. Over the years I’ve brought home images from my mom’s place. Every time I visit, I go through her albums and pluck some out and take them home with me. I never thought to photograph them and upload them to my computer. That is a great idea!

    Well, I am a Canadian, so I know all about smoking being banned everywhere!

    • You definitely need to digitize them. You won’t regret it. I was able to get my hands on all my grandma’s old family photos. I got to see pictures of great grandparents and great, great grandparents. In the small image you can miss very important and fascinating details. Be careful though, once you start it’s hard to stop.

    • I didn’t know the laws were the same across Canada. I thought they varies province by province. I seem to remember smoking being allowed in Saskatchewan in more places than B.C. That was a few years back though.

  5. Hi Birdie! 🙂 The first thing I thought about was Grease when I saw that last photo! 🙂 Very nice! I’m actually happy that smoking is banned everywhere, being an ex-smoker I can say that now! 🙂 Actually there are rules too that you can’t smoke within 10 (or is it 20) feet of any store front now. We’re still getting days in the 30’s but the nights are down to the mid teens, makes it easier to sleep! I”m not ready for fall yet!!! 🙂

    • I am not ready for fall either. Here is B.C. fall can last from September thru to May. It’s just rain, rain, rain. And so dark. It’s almost time to get out my SAD light.

  6. The complex where I live just passed a house rule that forbids smoking anywhere on the grounds, even in apartments if the smoke can travel to another apartment, which it can sometimes do through the vents. Thing is, if you smell smoke in your apartment, there is absolutely no way of telling which apartment it’s traveling from, so effectively people can still smoke in their homes. And I love your old photographs. Photographing and uploading them is a wonderful way to give them new life. How lovely your mom is.

    • There are buildings like that here. Most people however are allowed to smoke in their own apartments but some buildings you are not even allowed to smoke on the property. One building in particular has hefty fines if you get caught. My mom was lovely. I never stop missing her.

  7. Oh, that Frog and Toad picture hits close to home. Yesterday I ate 3/4 of a cake. Shows how I’m slowing down in my old age. At one time I could have eaten the whole thing, lol.

    I love old photos too and those ones of your Mom and her friends are great!

    • I used to be able to eat the BIG bag of potato chips by myself in one sitting. The ones meant for an entire family. Though I can still eat a lot. As for your cake, my theory is it’s best to just eat it so it’s not in the house anymore. Twisted logic but completely logical to me. One of my favourite quotes is from Fried Green Tomatoes when Evelyn (Kathy Bates) says, “I wish I had the courage to get it over with and get really fat”. I still laugh so hard when I hear that line.

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