This is the problem with having my exercise room in the same room as my books. I started exercising and got distracted. At first I just started straightening. Then I started looking. And then I thought about a post about a guilty pleasure which is snooping in people’s bookshelves when they end up inadvertently in their blog posts. I do. If you have ever had books just laying around or in a bookcase or on an end table I zoom in and peek. So in all fairness, here are some of my bookcases. I have another one upstairs that has about another 30 or 40 books.

This bookcase is local history, my Al Anon books/books on recovery and some books on the Highly Sensitive Person and then some books on grief.

This one has books on women’s history, cemeteries and crows. It also has every book written by Emily Carr and a lot of books written about her. There are books on Lucille Ball. Have I ever mentioned I LOVE her? Just this week I got another one that has every episode of I Love Lucy. It’s in the upstairs bookcase. Actually, it’s on my bed. There is also a mish mash of assorted books in this bookcase.

This shelf has children’s books and most of my fiction. It is all over the place. Some of them are my favourite books ever and some I have never got around to actually reading. Others I stated and didn’t finish. There are a few that I didn’t like at all but because everyone else liked them I keep them for now.

These are books I hate and want to get rid of but because I have an addiction to books I haven’t been able to take them away to the used bookstore. Just last week I pulled one out and decided to keep it. That is a lie. I pulled three out. See? It’s best not to be hasty.

My upstairs bookcase is mostly all my favourite books including books that were gifted to me by some of you! I am in the basement right now and though it’s completely finished it can still have a basement smell so I don’t want my favourite books downstairs. But because of the lack of space some of my favourite books end up downstairs anyway.

So there ya go. Snoop away. Any questions?

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  1. You have a room to exercise in?!! I don’t even have a closet to hang my clothes in. I have about as many books or more than you do but they are all packed in boxes in our storage locker waiting for the day I have room to put them out. I only have one bookshelf and it has only one shelf of books on it. I can’t see most of the titles on your books but I am so envious of you having that many shelves of books and a room to workout in!!

  2. Books are definitely my guilty pleasure. We have bookshelves in every room except the bathrooms. And most of them are stacked two and three deep. I have some boxes to be moved out, and they sit there. I add to them, but haven’t yet made the phone call to get them collected.
    I reread some books so often that I start to weep two or three pages before the event which causes the tears.

  3. I do have one bookcase full of books about music and art, but my studio is full of cds and vinyl. I often read a book and throw it straight into the recycling bin, even a good one. I know I’ll never read it again, so why keep it? 😀

  4. Books have always been my weakness but over the years it’s gotten easier and easier donating them. Moving has certainly helped. In the past two years alone I’ve given away over 200 books. My goal is to streamline our book collection and keep only the best ones and the ones we haven’t read yet. We’re trying to live a minimalist lifestyle as much as possible.

    • I keep very little theses days. But books? I just can’t seem to get rid of them. Maybe I should make it a resolution. The thing is, I have gotten rid of books before and regretted it.

  5. I love how books look in a bookcase. I also use them to stack on end tables or chests with a photo or do-da of some sort sitting on top, but I have very few books now. I gave most of them to Goodwill before we downsized to this house three years ago,and I don’t buy them anymore because my vision is so lousy. I get audible books. They’ll never be as good as a real book, but I’m happy to have them.

      • I do that too. And if I wake up in the middle of the night and cannot go back to sleep, I listen to them. Sometimes I drift back to sleep

  6. I only have room for a few books. So, every year I end up giving them to the Friends of the Library here in town. They have a book fair twice a year to raise money for local charities as well as the library.

    • We have something similar and there is a dropbox nearby. So when I get around to actually getting rid of that green bin of books I will have to take a big breath and dump them in.

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