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I am not sure how anybody can be expected to sleep like this. In addition to the wires attached to my head there were also attached to my legs and collarbones with belts around my stomach and chest. I slept for 9 seconds. Okay. It wasn’t that bad but it was a horrible sleep. Because I have Periodic Limb Movement I move a lot. Like large jerking movements, so the attendant had to keep coming in and reattaching the wires. She came in so many times I lost count. And they didn’t let me have my own pillow. I take my pillow everywhere. I know, snivel, snivel, complain, complain. Anyway, after they let me go home I just stayed in my pyjamas, drove home and went straight to bed.

There was also this staring at me all night.

It’s going to take a month to get my results back. I can tell right now what it’s going to say. I don’t get enough deep sleep.

Last night I went to a potluck dinner. How do people know how to make such delicious food? The only thing that I make that is any good is a roost beef dinner. You can’t bring that to a potluck.

Well, enough of the selfies. After a few weeks I always go back and delete them.

21 thoughts on “Sleep Study

    • Yup! You should have seen my hair this morning. It looked like There’s Something About Mary from all the glue they put in my hair.

  1. I really don’t know how anyone sleeps wired up like that. And I love my pillow too. Sigh.
    Love your selfies though. Some day I may get brave enough. Probably about a week after hell freezes over.

  2. I love the last photo of you because you look so happy and it lights up your face. Great picture. I get to do the oxygen sleep study where you have to sleep with this thing on your finger attached to a machine all night. It’s supposed to see if you have sleep apnea. I’m still waiting for the place to call me to go get the machine. The cord on this things is so short I’m afraid that if I roll over I’ll pull the machine off the nightstand and onto the floor. Hopefully they’ve got a longer cord on the finger thing by now. My husband did this a couple of years ago and it was shown he has sleep apnea but he’s too cheap or dumb to try a CPAP machine.

    • If you do end up needing a machine get it from an online place. You will save at least $1000.00. The place doing the testing will force a sale on you, which is why they do the test for free and they are way overpriced. Your family doctor can write the prescription and say what the pressure needs to be set at.

  3. I’m surprised you slept at all! Once they give you the results, do they give you something to help you? Or do they just say you need better sleep? What’s your secret to good roast beef? -Jenn

    • I really don’t know what they are going to do. Probably give me a prescription for narcotics which I will not take unless it’s a last resort. I am trying the nutritional route first. I am on a Facebook page for people with similar problems and so many of them are on super strong opiads and are now addicted and can’t get off of them. My sleep issues will have to get really bad before that happens and even then I really don’t think I can go the route. I think lifestyle changes will just have to suffice. The secret to a great roast is browning it first in a shit load of butter in a cast iron pan and cooking it slowly at a low temperature. Oh, but who am I kidding. A good roast is all about the gravy!

    • I already use a CPAP. I should have taken my picture with that on in addition to the wires! They are annoying and I wish I didn’t need it but if I don’t wear it I wake up gagging.

  4. It was fun seeing pics of you. I am supposed to do a sleep study, too – but I just can’t bring myself to do it.

    • They are a drag and you will be more tired at the end of the night but it will offer valuable information as to what it going on, or not going on, during your sleep.

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