I got my blood work back and everything is perfect except it showed this which I don’t really understand.

The red is me and the blue is what it’s supposed to be. What does Possible Iron Deficiency mean? Should I take an iron supplement or not? It’s so confusing. I thought after I had my hysterectomy this number would go up but it didn’t. It’s been around this number for years. All I know is I am never not tired. The sleep clinic doctor said that Restless Legs Syndrome may be related to low iron and suggested a supplement. All this health and wellness stuff almost always leaves me with more questions than answers.

Speaking of the sleep clinic, my appointment was rescheduled for Monday. It was supposed to be tonight. Oh, well.

Today I finished a paint job that I started a couple weeks back. It started with seeing an area outside that was looking grungy and it turned into a whole job of washing, filling holes in the wood and sanding and painting and more sanding and more painting. And then I had to clean all the paint drops because I have to be the messiest painter ever. Anyway, it’s done and I will post pictures another time. It looks much better though, I will say that.

It is so much cooler today because the sky is completely filled with smoke. It is high up and for that I am thankful.

Okay, someone mentioned either in a comment or a post about the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire in New York in 1911. Who was it? When you mentioned it I ordered a book on it. About a week later my husband and I were watching a 4 part series on New York and they mentioned it. I kind of, sort of order a lot of books from AbeBooks.com (online database for millions of books from second hand booksellers. I get almost all my books from them for really cheap.) Anyway, sometimes I forget what I ordered. When we saw the segment on the documentary I was fascinated by the role of women and what they were doing at the time to protest unsafe working conditions. When I received the book in the mail a few days later I had completely forgotten I had ordered it. Actually, I don’t even remember ordering it at all! Anyway, if it was you that told me about the fire please let me know.

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  1. Books are my big weakness. And they take so long to be delivered I often forget until they arrive.
    What does your doctor say on the iron front? Mine is high. Higher than most men. Not (fortunately) at overload levels but high.
    And I too am always tired.

  2. I did an essay in university on the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire for a history course. You’ve brought back some memories! I’ll let you do the reading. If you do decide to take iron, careful because it can be really hard on the “guts’. I had to stop. I’ve been told that the liquid form is easier. -Jenn

  3. I’ve been anemic pretty much my whole life. My mom gave me shots of B12 when I was a kid, since she was a nurse and could do it. I don’t remember if they helped. Doc gave me shots again years later but don’t recall feeling better then either. At some point my levels were at almost needing a transfusion low but then taking supplements they came up to normal. These days, I don’t know… still tired. lol

  4. My Ferritin level runs low, too. I’ve had iron infusions, which make things normal for about three months (and SO not worth the $300 copay!), I’ve taken iron pills, and I’ve taken Ferritin pills. Right now I’m on Slow Fe, an over the counter supplement. Beware of change in toilet habits though.

  5. OMG! I love books. To let you know I had iron deficiency a year ago and my doctor asked me to take an iron supplement. So, I went to the store and bought something many women don’t think about. I bought an over the counter prenatal vitamin. It has all the iron plus vitamins and minerals a woman needs. My doctor was impressed with my choice too. Try it, it might just be what you need.

  6. Oh, I don’t know much about iron deficiency. I hope you work it out.
    I know what you mean about forgetting. I’ve actually re-read a couple of books because I’d forgotten so much about them. I thought, why not enjoy them again? Ha!

  7. When I worked, I took a “stress” vitamin mix. I believe it had all or most of the B vitamins plus iron. I guess I’d go with what your doctor recommends. You could also try cooking in cast iron cookware to get more iron.

  8. It sounds like you may need to try an iron supplement. My blood work cam back that I have too many red blood cells. They did the test twice over a week and both were exactly the same number. I had hoped I was just dehydrated the first time but no such luck. So now we start the process of trying to figure out the cause which can be several and none of them particularly fun. UG!

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