This is what’s happening in my province. The sky has been clouded over with smoke for several days but is clear at the moment. We have had no rain here except for Saturday where it rained hard for 2 minutes then stopped. This isn’t normal for us. It’s supposed to be a rain forest.

Last night was one of the worst for my Restless Legs Syndrome in a long time. If you haven’t heard of it be grateful. It’s horrible. It’s this feeling that I have to move my legs and if I don’t they hurt. So all night long I have to keep moving my legs which keeps me awake. This morning my legs and hips are so sore from moving them all night long. It feels like I had been working out yesterday. It may be because I ate white bread yesterday with my hamburger. I eat very little processed foods because I feel they may play a part in my battle with depression but come on already. Can’t I enjoy a hamburger with a bun occasionally? Usually I just have the patty. Another thing this week I have discovered that doesn’t agree with me is chicken wings. Way too salty. Chicken wings, FYI, is my favourite food in the world. Anyway, I am getting blood work done today to see if that is contributing to the RLS. Tomorrow I have a sleep study at the clinic.

First World Problem.

And another First World Problem is I lost almost all of my music on iTunes. My husband and I signed up for a joint account and I set up his device for him. When I saw my music on his device I deleted all of it. I didn’t know that deleting them off his device also deleted them off mine. I am actually a little bit heartsick over this. Music is one of the biggest factors in helping me deal with depression. So now I have fucking Metallica and music that I hate on my iPod and none of mine. Do I have a right to be sad over this?

This is such a negative complaining post. Here is a picture of Norbert. I was sitting and he came up and started rearranging my housecoat to suit himself and sat down with me. And it looks like I have only one leg in this picture.

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  1. Those wildfires are terrifying. Thankfully I’ve not had to deal with restless leg syndrome, but sleeplessness is becoming more and more of an issue. LOVE menopause. I sincerely hope you folks “out west” get rain, lots of it. -Jenn

    • I had a hysterectomy in January 2016. I now recommend them to pretty much any woman I meet. I LOVE not having a period every month. The horror-mones still have their fun with me but I would not go back to having a period if you paid me.

  2. Darlin, have you ever thought of asking the doctor to try you on Gabapentin 300 mg for RLS? I take it and it seems to work. Well, I guess you will have to hunt for your music. Make a weekend of it and have fun. You might find some new stuff.
    I had a feeling the fires were up there too but they never reported about that. I hate some of our news channels. I have to watch BBC World News in order to find out what is going on out there. I hope you and your family and friends will be all right.

    • I am on Facebook group for Periodic Limb Movement which goes hand in hand with RLS. Gabepentin is recommend a lot. I am goning to see if thr RLS is related to something else like a vitamin or mineral deficiency and then consider narcotics. Last night I didn’t get to sleep until after 3:00 and was awake by 7:00. I am so tired today.

  3. Are you sure it’s lost? It’s not uncommon to have the files on your device and on your iTunes account. I delete a couple books that annoy me but when I update and sync my phone and my iTunes account the darn things show back up.

    • Some of it was but almost all of it was gone. The weird thing is the stuff that was there was almost all Christmas music. I am going to dig a little deeper and see if I can find it.

  4. I feel for you about the RLS, Attila suffers an extreme form of this, every 11 seconds all night long. Rough for him, and I didn’t sleep either, startled me awake every 11 seconds all night long. He took meds and altered his diet, some improvements. I don’t sleep in the same bed anymore though, and I am sleeping much, much better. Hard on everyone!

    • I also have Periodic Limb Movement. And sleep apnea. Last time I had a sleep study it showed that I was waking up every 45 seconds. My husband and I have to sleep in separate beds. And yes, we both sleep so much better!

    • The thing is most of my music is indie or alternate. It won’t be as easy as just downloading Brian Adams or Tina Turner. *sigh*

  5. We are pretty much choking on smoke. I’m so glad that I don’t have asthma or other breathing problem because those people must be suffering right now. No rain in sight for my area. Lucky for us there are no fires threatening out little town just smoke from all the other ones. You have every right to be upset that you lost your play list. Is there no way iTunes can recover it?

    • I am going to try again tomorrow to see if I can retrieve it. I hope so. The fires have been so bad the last few years. It is scary.

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