I am so tired today I can barley keep my eyes open. My body feels so heavy. Just now I had a thought and wonder if it because I have upped my antidepressant. At any rate, I could just sleep and sleep and sleep.

This morning I went to church, this time making sure I had an aisle seat. Being in the middle of a row makes me anxious. When I go to the movie I have to do the same thing. Most people want to be in the middle and thankfully the people I go to the movie with understand and don’t mind too much.

Yesterday I noticed that one of our trees had tent caterpillars. They are invasive and will destroy a tree in a few weeks. The tree they were in has struggled for a long time now and I love this tree so much. We cut the nest down out of the tree. It was only a small nest, about 20 caterpillars in all and they had to be burned or they will just find a new home. I was the one to do that. All night I had dreams about burning caterpillars and this morning I was almost crying. I feel so horrible for killing any living thing. I catch and release flies and wasps. Well, except last week when a wasp stung my husband. I made a pact to kill them but couldn’t follow through. Anyway, I kept seeing the dead caterpillars. From now on my someone else is going to have to take care of them. It was too upsetting for me. Who does that? It’s not normal to be this sensitive.

It’s considerably cooler today. And cloudy. Yesterday it poured rain for about 2 minutes and there was one large clap of thunder then the storm moved on.

My husband bought me this yesterday. I didn’t even know they still made Spirograph!

The news is starting and I don’t want to watch it. My husband loves it and it’s a part of his routine to watch it. I’m going to go elsewhere and try to not fall asleep.

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  1. I loved spirograph!! But you always had to have a special pen that had a long enough end to reach through the holes, as I recall. My husband loves watching the news and is a real political person, but if I’m in the room with him, I’m on my laptop or playing silly games on my phone! We agree to disagree on most political things and that works for us. -Jenn

    • I actually didn’t think I had Spirograph as a kid. My brother might have. They make it look so easy but they haven’t taken into account those people who are uncoordinated like me!

  2. No news for me either. I do a quick catch up on the major news through my work computer but when I say quick I mean a scan and then move on to happier things. Hope your Monday is better.

  3. OMG! I loved my spirograph. I think I wore out the cogs so bad that I had to throw it out. We also had a fantastic rainstorm on Saturday. The rain barrels were filled to the top after it hit.

  4. I loved Spirograph as a child…used to entertain myself for hours on end. I’m sure it will be therapeutic for you. Nice and relaxing and takes your mind off everything else.

    Your balcony looks so very pretty and colourful! And I envy you the rain. We have a really bad drought where I live in the Western Cape of South Africa. I live in a little village about 1.5 hours drive from Cape Town, called Greyton.

    I breed mealworms…the larvae of the Darkling beetle, to feed to the wild birds that visit and inhabit our garden. I speak to them, encouraging them to grow into nice, big juicy worms (larvae) and at the same time, apologise to them that they are going to bed fed to the birds! I take good care of them and treat them as respectfully as I can when offering them to the birds, who absolutely love them! In fact, my wild visitors have become very tame and actually come into our cottage to look for me when they are wanting a meal.

    So, I understand your distress! You are a very caring soul. Nothing wrong with that, at all.


    • Today I was painting the white railing because it was getting a little grungy looking. I do love my deck. It’s quite a haven and so private.
      I love that you breed mealworms! (I am far from being a vegan or even a vegetarian so I really shouldn’t be so sensitive.) I would love to attract birds that way. I would love to see pictures of your birds and your mealworms.

  5. My daughter still plays with Spirograph, more than her kids do! I think she also has some sort of metal drawing gears too.
    I try to keep up with some news online, reading articles that I choose. I rarely watch news related shows on t.v. We have our fav Netflix shows, old movies, etc.
    Aisle seat here too!

    • My son and I go to movies together and he always wants to sit in the middle. He now knows that Mama has “issues” and will let me sit on the aisle. He tells me I am still his favourite person to go to movies with and that makes me so happy. He is 22 and not many kids that age don’t want much to do with their parents.

  6. We had thousands and thousands of army worms all over our trees, and killed as many as we could, sprayed them with a solution of water, bleach, dawn dish soap, and epsom salts. They died instantly. I’ve lived in places where they marched across the landscape and completely stripped whole forests, it looked like winter. They were so thick on the highway that driving through them left tracks as if snow. At one point the roads were ploughed, so slippery. I hate army worms, mice, chipmunks, mosquitoes, black flies, and wasps.

    I find that you seem normal to me in your concern for all living things, quite a few people I have come into contact with share that sensitivity. Normal is a range I think.

    • Oh, god. If there were that many they do need to be exterminated. That is way too many degrees of creepy. I don’t like mosquitoes and will kill them. They are total assholes.

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