This Has Become a Cat Blog. My Apologies.

I just got back from my doctor and have decided to bump up my antidepressant. Lily Cedar and I chatted about this when she visited here. The dose I am on is only 1/2 the starting dose and it’s clearly not working. This doctor is new after my old doctor left the country. I have to drive half way to Timbuktu to see him but it’s worth it. He is kind and compassionate and listens. He really listens. And has positive feedback.

Today I was driving and saw my son. I yelled out the window, “Hey, Little Buddy!” and the look on his face made me so happy. It was the look of feeling truly pleased to see someone you love. It may be silly to call a full grown man, Little Buddy but I have been calling him that since the day he was born and put in my arms. My daughter is, Little Girl.

This was on sale for $6.77 so I bought two for Norbert. Here he is looking at it.

And here he is not taking any interest in it at all.

This is why I call him The Ungrateful Bastard. That cat cares for nothing we offer him. He is the most entitled cat I have ever met. But oh, how I love that furry beast. I love him so much and I want to squeeze him with hugs so hard. I want to kiss him a thousand times a day. He wants nothing to do with love. I’m pretty sure he is a narcissistic. Our old cat, Sheldon was the complete opposite and loved you until you finally had to take a break from all the cat love.

My god. Is anyone still reading? Dog people stopped reading after the second paragraph. But I can’t help it. Look at that face.

It continues to be hot but I am not feeling it as much today. In a few minutes I am going to have some lunch then there is a small amount of painting that I need to do. Actually, it’s a medium sized job but I’m probably just going to do a little.

I forgot to mention that I went swimming this morning at the dam. I would show pictures because it’s so pretty but you can’t leave anything unattended around here without it being pinched. Here is a picture of I have borrowed from the interwebs.

Scroll to 1:35 to see where I swam today.

19 thoughts on “This Has Become a Cat Blog. My Apologies.

  1. What a beautiful place to swim. Is the water cold? Probably warm this time of year.
    Norbert is a trip. He probably loves you to death but is repressed. Maybe a kitty psychiatrist is in order. 🙂

  2. I hope the increased anti-depressants kick in quickly.
    Your Ungrateful Bastard is like ours, much loved. And they probably both know and appreciate it, but delight in keeping us on our toes.
    The swimming spot looks delightful.

    • The cool thing about that swimming spot is it’s a dam and it’s been there for over 100 years. A while back they powers that be decided it would be in the best interest to remove it. People in the community freaked out and petitioned to have it upgraded instead. Because my family has been in this community since 1854, the dam is near and dear to my heart. If you go to 1:35 in this video you can see where I swam today. It’s more beautiful than words can say.

  3. You know what? I can’t stand cats, but I LOVE reading your blog and whatever you write. I hope your increase in medication helps. And I’m still jealous of both you and Lily Cedar for getting to meet.

  4. Oh you know I always want to read about Norbert. Our cats generally don’t pay attention to things we get for them either. They’d much rather have a real mouse than a fake one! I do hope your new dosage does the trick for you! -Jenn

  5. I’m a cat lover but can’t stand dogs, so if you get a dog and post about it all the time that may be an issue. Joking, of course. It’s always good to see you blogging. 🙂

    • I will never, ever get a dog. My husband used to be a mailman and saying that he doesn’t enjoy them is an understatement. Don’t get him stated on dogs. Just sayin’

  6. We have a cat and a dog; you’ve met Lucy. The cat and I have an interesting relationship, one that involves yelling and chasing. She is definitely the big guy’s cat even though I’m the one who feeds her and cleans her litter box. You’d think she’d be more grateful.

    I wish I had talked to my dad more about growing up on the island. He died years ago and we were never close but I wish we could have been. I still have an aunt who is living. She lives in the trailer park across from the Cassidy Airport but apparently she’s a little loopy.

    Hope the meds help. This depression thing never takes a break it seems. I am so envious of people who don’t get depressed.

    Sending hugs.

    • It is an especially nice picture of him, isn’t it? It’s actually one of my favourites. I took it a few days ago because his whiskers are so long right now. He has a habit of rubbing at them until they are gone. And, yes! Get a cat. Always yes to getting another cat.

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