It’s about 10 degrees cooler today and I am happy and content. It’s supposed to rain tonight but it is looking clear outside so I am saying the meteorologist is wrong this time. (Remind me one time to post on what I believe is the biggest scam of all time. A bigger scam than Amway*, forecasting the weather.) It was a good day to putter and stay home. I made enough potato salad to feed 25 people. I have never made potato salad before and I have to say for my first try it was delicious. It had potatoes and eggs of course. I also added finely chopped celery, radishes and carrot. Also mayonnaise, yellow mustard, dijon mustard and horseradish. Butter was added to the potatoes before mashing. Also, a little bit of salt and pepper. I added the paprika later on because I completely forgot. So there ya go. Oh, I also made peach/orange kombucha.

I am feeling a little better. Thank you for all your comments. I do so love all of you. For those who don’t know the power of blogging it’s an impossible thing to explain. It’s like having a pen pal. But not just one, dozens of them all over the world. Having close friends that you have never actually met. For the most part, I don’t try to explain blogging to anyone anymore.

Here is a picture of a bee that was in my hanging basket today. She was there for over an hour.

And here is a picture of the tackiest, most gawd awful thing I own. Have I posted her before? She really is hideous and should never see the light of day but I just don’t have it in me to throw her out. Her name is Beulah. She is just less than a foot long and a about 6 inches high. She came all the way from Mexico. She was a gift for my dad and step-mom. They hated it but the person who gave it to them gave it to them as they were leaving and they had to carry it on the plane. When they got home they showed her to me and I about pitched a fit from laughing. My step-mom asked if I wanted her and I shouted a resounding yes before she even finished the sentence. My husband despises her. Well, everyone despises her except me. I think she needs to be my goddess. When I die my daughter can have her. She can be passed down through to the women. Until someone “accidentally ” smashes her. At that point, I will turn in my grave. Beulah will have met a sad and tragic end.

Her nipples. Who decided to give her nipples? This is what put my step-mom over the hatred edge.

And you gotta love her ass hanging out.

*is Anway still a thing? Remind me to post about the time I got into Amway. The weirdest fucking month of my life.

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  1. Hooray for feeling a tad better.
    I am so grateful for the friends/family across the seas I have found in the blogosphere.
    And am not unlike Beulah. Not as happy with myself though…

    • I thought I had been blogging for a long time! In February it will be 15 years. Are you still in touch with any of your original blogging pals?

      • Birdie, yes indeed, still quite a few alive and kicking! Of course, being a mature woman (old), many of my friends haved moved on to discover new realms (passed away), and eventually I too will join that venerable “explorers club”. 🙂

      • I have had blogging friends die and it’s a strange kind of grief. If you tell mom-bloggers you get no understanding. As if this type of friendship isn’t real or special.

  2. I loved reading the words “happy and content”. Concerning Beulah… she may have to be tucked away some place private at my home, but as long as you love her, that’s what counts! I love watching bees. You can see the pollen sacks on her legs. Now you’ve got me thinking that I should make some potato salad… -Jenn (Oh, Amway, my best friend growing up, her family was into Amway. Pyramid scheme. They had Amway everything – laundry soap, vitamins, earrings…)

  3. So happy you’re feeling better…đź’•
    I love Beaulah…a true garden treasure…
    Enjoy your day…
    Linda :o)

  4. We must do everything we can to save the bumble bees. Also, you must save Beulah. I love her also:-)

    • We also have Mason bee tubes. We went a little overboard this year and have a few hundred! It is very relaxing watching them come and go.

  5. I LOVE Beulah! I love what she represents…she’s happy with herself, nipples and all. I love watching the bees too. I purposely draw them into my yard and garden by planting Bee Balm and Coneflower and Spiderwort. I use no chemicals on my lawn, ever. And I also put out bee watering holes. A small flat dish with rocks or stones that they can rest on while taking a sip of water. I’ve actually seen a bee wash off her antennae before…it looked like she was washing her hair…I was mesmerized.

    • She is quite pleased with herself, isn’t she? We don’t use any chemicals in our yard. Our neighbour uses Roundup by our raspberries. I want to say something but haven’t. Last time she was away I snuck into her yard and cleared all her weeds near our raspberries with the hopes she wouldn’t use it. I need to make a bee watering hole today. Great idea! Thanks, Lolly.

  6. It’s funny but I like Beulah. She has bright colors and what is cute is that she can lay anywhere and still look funny. OMG! You have to tell about Amway. They are such a nasty company. It’s actually a pyramid scheme, isn’t it?

    • I will write a post on my experience with Amway. They say they are not a pyramid scheme and they aren’t from a legal standpoint but it is run on recruiting “down lines”.

  7. Beulah is a hoot!!
    Love the bee pix.
    Potatoes are one of the best foods ever!!
    You are right, blogging is a powerful thing. So glad you are feeling better.

  8. Good to hear you are feeling content and happy and that the weather for you is cooler. Here too it appears that the heatwave is calming down. Watching bees is a very calming activity and will result in contentedness and joy if done for such time periods as you describe. I am imagining you sitting in the sun or shade (but in the comfortable warmth whatever) and watching the bee for an hour. Beulah! I love her. She is so at peace with herself and truly a goddess for all women everywhere. How great to see those nipples unashamedly all out. Mmm potato salad. You are making me hungry. Sorry I’ve not been around for a while(again). Life has been happening here. Hopefully I will be popping in a bit more regularly again.

  9. I love potato salad but no eggs. Eww. But love that you made your own for the first time. Very, very cool.

    I’ve not been around much this summer, so I’m sorry to read that you weren’t feeling well. So glad to see that you’re feeling better now.

    Beulah is a hoot!

    • I love eggs. I hardboil them and eat them for a snack. Are you vegan? I can’t remember. Beulah is definitely a character!

  10. So the backside of Beulah has a black area – – is that her long hair in the back tucked under her dress coming out at the bottom? Anywho I think she wards off depression because just looking at her makes me smile. I think she beats those garden nomes any day!

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