I know. I need to stop complaining about the heat. But my god, the heat! We are setting records. It is 30 C. in my bedroom and not a breath of air. Yes. It is way hotter everywhere else but you need to remember most people don’t have air conditioning where I live. (Is there a hyphen in air conditioning?) You get used to what you get used to. It is usually about 10 degrees cooler. It reminds me of a friend from work. We used to work nights together. She was from Nigeria and in the middle of the summer the building would get so hot! The other worker and I were close to just going home. The heat was making us sick. The worker from Nigeria? She brought a blanket and a space heater and would go into a small room and blast her space heater. We get used to what we get used to. This heat is my own personal Nigeria.

Okay, enough about the heat.

Just if I die you will know why.

Drama Queen Post.

The only person who is going to have sympathy is Joey who lives in England. The are having some of the hottest days in history. He knows what it’s like to live in a rainy environment for 300 days a year and then have the extreme.

Okay. Enough about the heat for real.

This morning I went to church and it was such a beautiful service. It is totally different than anything I am used to. What I loved most today was the announcement about a membership meeting tomorrow. Reverend Patricia was saying you can become a member if you want but if you don’t that’s fine too. It was so laid back. And she had us roaring with laughter when she got up and said in a serious voice. “Wonder of wonders, this week I fell in love again. This time was a little different. Usually I fall in love with gay men.” She went on to say she fell in love with a dead writer.

Mary, you mentioned mango shortcake on your blog and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I made it tonight and it was a whole new level of perfection.

Does anyone watch Orange is the New Black? What are your options so far? I am disappointed. They cut out half the characters.

My sleep clinic doctor suggested that I take iron. Looking it up made me confused. When do you take it? How much? What brand? It’s little things like this that exhaust me. But isn’t the whole world like this now? You can look up anything online and you will have every option from it almost killed me to it’s the best thing ever. A few weeks back I went down rabbit hole on magnesium. I wish that I hadn’t.

I have no idea why I am rambling. Must be the heat.

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  1. I am so very sorry. I loathe and detest the sweaty season.
    I crank up the evaporative cooler on the first hot day. It has happened (and I am not going to admit how often) that I have the cooler on, and my partner retires to bed and turns on the electric blanket.

      • Right now we are struggling with almost 40C and lots of smoke in the air from fires. Not sure where the smoke is from but not very close to us so we aren’t worried about fires but the smoke is horrible. I stay inside with the a/c running full blast and I don’t care how much it costs. I hate the heat and every summer wish it would rain and be cool but it rarely happens. It’s just got hotter and hotter every year.

    • Sparkless, I have been thinking about you and how hot it gets in the summer where you live. It has been 36 where I live, but 40? Ugh

      Deb, We need to get together again so we can sit and kvetch. It’s much more fun to complain with a friend.

  2. We only have an air conditioner in our bedroom window (all bedrooms have a ceiling fan). In our old house, we can always get a cross breeze in most of the rooms. Personally, I don’t even like the air conditioning in our bedroom – wreaks havoc with my sinuses.

    My only advice with iron is, it can be really hard on the “guts”. Maybe take the drops rather than the pills. Just a thought. Unfortunately, sleep issues seem to be more common as we get older. Lots of tossing, turning, adjusting, pillow between the knees, getting up, staying up… I do hope you find something that works for you. -Jenn

  3. Our July was hot and dry almost every day, so I complained a lot, too 🙂

    We watch Orange is the New Black. We started it late and are only at about 1/3 of the way through season 4. Eventually we’ll catch up to the latest episodes but I hope we’re not disappointed!

    • Season 4 actually gets really intense and was the best one yet. Its worth watching. But then you get sucked in and Season 5 was just okay. Though the actress who plays Suzanne “Crazy Eyes” is stellar. Her performance alone keeps me watching.

  4. I thought the first season of OITNB was great, and the second season was ok, but somehow I didnt make my way through the third season and though i kept meaning to get back to it, somehow, but now I doubt that I will. I have just finished binge watching Younger, which was very untaxing and quite fun.

    • I just checked if we have Younger on Canadian Netflix. We don’t *sigh*
      Canadian Netflix is lacking. I had a legally questionable subscription to the U.S. Netflix but it didn’t work with my iPad so I let it go. U.S, Netflix has about 65, 000 more titles from what I have been told.

  5. Most of the 40 years we lived in New York State, we didn’t have a/c. There were many hot and sweaty nights. Eventually we got a small window unit for our bedroom. It made a huge difference. I can’t imagine living in Florida (where I now live) without central air.

  6. I’ve been reading your blog for a while, but I don’t think I’ve ever left a comment. However, I get restless-legs-syndrome also and have for a long time. When I got pregnant (years ago) It got really, really bad. After being just about driven crazy with it, I discovered that the calcium pills that the obstetrician prescribed (plus I was getting more calcium because I was chewing several TUMS everyday) were causing the problem for me.

    It seems that between the calcium pills and TUMS antacids pills, I perhaps overloaded on calcium and that caused the RLS to get worse and worse. I didn’t really figure this out for a long time. But I kept reading that iron deficiency could cause the symptoms and I tried different iron pills—which did nothing—until one day I tried a supplement called Gentle Iron (Iron Bisglycinate) which stopped the RLS almost immediately. Somehow, I gradually realized that I would get RLS by taking calcium pills/TUMS and I could stop them if I took the Iron Bisglycinate. I think I may finally have realized that i could just stop the calcium supplements and that solved the issue.

    Anyhow, for me, there seems to be some kind of issue with trying to balance the amount of calcium and iron in my body (and maybe potassium and magnesium too) that causes/cures the RLS.

    NOW, decades after my several pregnancies, I it seems I don’t have *enough* calcium and will wake up with restless-legs-syndrome at 2 in the morning if I don’t take a giant horse-pill of calcium(500mg)/magnesium(500mg)/potassium(99mg) before I go to sleep. I also can chew up a Rolaid (which is calcium carbonate and magnesium hydroxide) and it will also stop the RLS. So it seems somehow that I have to get the right amount or combination of these minerals to be able to feel comfortable.

    I don’t want to say that I have the cure and taa-da! this will definltly work, but this really has helped me and I wanted to tell you. Maybe there is some combination that will help you. I feel completely rotten when the jittery feeling starts at night. It’s just miserable, and it doesn’t only effect my legs, I feel it in my arms to. I’m just passing this along in the hope that it might help. Everybody’s different, but it might be worth a shot to look into.

    Sorry for the long comment.
    Also, I would feed Norbert-The Ungrateful Bastard bacon all day long. He is so majestic.

    • Cy, Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. I often wonder who is lurking out there.
      It’s interesting that you mentioned too much calcium because I had a magnesium/calcium supplement in the cupboard that I had forgotten about and decided to use it up. Now I don’t know if my legs are worse from the heat or is it the calcium! Hmm? Or maybe I should be taking the calcium because osteoporosis runs in my family and I also heard it helps with sleep and relaxation. It’s so confusing. I do know that taking magnesium glycinate helps as apposed to the other magnesiums makes a difference. Or so I have been told. See? More confusion. As for the iron, I am even more confused. My iron stores have been low but no doctor has ever been concerned about it. It is low but just above where it gets flagged. I thought it would get better after my hysterectomy but it didn’t. That was 2 1/2 years ago. I guess it’s a lot of trial and error.
      Thank you again for the comment! It wasn’t long at all. And even if it was, this is why I blog. I love connecting with people.
      As for Norbert. That cat would eat a pound of bacon and then I would have to clean it up when he hacks it up. The one thing I hate about having a cat is the barf. It makes me gag and it’s all I can do not to throw up myself.
      Please keep commenting when you can. 💕

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