Today. Oh, what happened today?

I had a bacon and tomato sandwich today for lunch. Norbert wanted some bacon.

Good lord! Could you say no to that face? I gave him a teeny piece of bacon about 1/2 the size of my pinky fingernail. He seemed satisfied and went and slept until just before dinner.

I am feeling sad and anxious. It didn’t help that I did not sleep well last night. The bedrooms are almost 38 C. (100 F.) I have really bad Restless Legs Syndrome that gets worse with the heat. I take magnesium and that helps but not last night. When I don’t get enough sleep my anxiety gets triggered. I am also dealing with a major life decision with regards to my employment that is causing me major anxiety so there, a double-whammy. And I’m hormonal. But I think lot of women just roll with this one. It’s been happening since we were 12. That 1820 months of feeling stabby.

*huge sigh*

My husband and I went to dam today. It was a perfect day. My husband swam and I read a Fannie Flagg book. There was a young man swimming that I am guessing was from Iran or Saudi Arabia. We have heard a lot about countries like this lately, havent was? All fear-mongering messages. The beach was empty when we arrived and the man gave us a loud, friendly and heavily accented hello from the water. His enthusiasm made me smile. When swimming, he started chatting with my husband. He was explaining that he didn’t know how to swim so my husband gave him a few tips. After the young man got out of the water he yells, “Thank you, sir” but my husband didn’t hear him so he asked me to tell him which I did. When we were walking back to the car we saw him and and he thanked my husband again. He reminded me of my own son. Just a nice kid. And it struck me how good it is that he has been able to come and live here. We need good and kind people. I would love to know his story. Where was his family? How long has he been in Canada? He was with another man his age and I had an inkling that they were a couple. I wonder if he came here because of his sexual orientation. Anyway, he made my day. I wish I could have taken a picture of him. He had the biggest smile I have seen in a long time.

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  1. I am so very glad to hear that the polite smiling young man is going to get another chance at life. I hope it is long and happy.
    Which Fannie Flagg book? I just finished ‘I still dream about you’. Ok, but not amazing.
    Jazz is not into moderation. A teensy weensy sliver of bacon would NOT have satisfied him.

    • The Whole Town”s Talking. I was a little disappointed with I Still Dream About You too But even my least favourite FF book is still entertaining. I actually own all her books so The Whole Town… is a reread.

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