Last time I checked the outside temperature it was 37 C. and almost 32 C. in the house. Yeah. Climate change isn’t real. Norbert is melting. Here he is in his teepee.

Look at that belly. A belly only a mother can love. Here he is looking offended that I was disturbing his siesta.

He loves his teepee. He especially loves the tissue paper. I fluff it often because he loves to crinkle, crinkle, crinkle it down for 20 minutes before he settles in.

Here is a plant I bought today. I would be most appreciative if you know what kind of plant it is and tell me. I named this plant Juliet after the lady at the store that rung me through her til at the grocery store. I didn’t tell her that because she would probably be terrified to walk to her car after work.

It’s blurry, I just realized. Oh, well.

This blog is becoming a Norbert the Cat blog and a plant blog.

I had a doctor’s appointment this morning and then went to the grocery store and then had to go to the other side of town to sign a document. By the time I got home I was in the foulest of moods. I hated everything. Driving usually doesn’t help my mood and when I got to my doctor’s office there was no parking and then there was a magazine in the office with a picture of a woman with 0% body fat and it was saying how strong and healthy she was. That also pissed me off because you don’t have to be thin to be strong and healthy. In fact, I go to my weight loss support group with a lot of larger women who eat really well, exercise and are strong and healthy. Just more of the fucking media telling women that we are less than unless we look a certain way. But then, isn’t that what magazines are all about? Consumerism at its finest. Buy this. Do that. Then you will be happy. Except you won’t. You will just keep getting sucked into the never ending vortex.

Maggie, I am using my Instant Pot tonight. You have inspired me. I am making Smothered Pork Chops. Only a bobillion calories but I am sick to death of salads.

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  1. Looks like an Arrowhead Vine to me Birdie….
    Wasn’t there a little spike with the name and how to care for it?
    Quit about the heat…we’ve had it here in Ontario ALL SUMMER!!!
    Linda :o)

    • But most people here don’t have air conditioning. Woe is me! 😭 And in the winter I will be wishing for the heat.
      I looked up arrowhead vine and I would say you are right. For some reason, none of the plants I have bought lately have the tags that tell you how to care for them. Maybe it is a good way for the plant people to keep selling plants. I buy. I kill. I buy more.

  2. I find it adorable that Norbert has a little layer of tissue paper that he crinkles before he settles down. I got thinking that my cats are rather boring and don’t have toys or teepees or hide under barbecues, but then realized that they are outside cats and I have no idea what shenanigans they get up to in the great outdoors. They probably just come back inside to eat and chill out. I had no idea what kind of plant Juliette was. Hang in there. It’ll be winter soon. -Jenn

    • Norbert has a whole house of Norbert things to keep him entertained. He has at least 10 places alone that are just for napping. Then he has a hiding spot that I have yet to find. He will disappear and I will call him and shake Temptations. I have looked everywhere but have not yet found his secret hideaway.

    • Ha ha! He has always been a big cat. He is actually really, really long too. He doesn’t actually eat that much. It must be genetic. That’s my own excuse anyway.

  3. Norbert and Jazz ARE related. Jazz quite definitely has fat pads. Smaller than mine though.
    I loathe and detest the sweaty season. And the insistence that thin is perfect and that fat is lazy, unhealthy and indulgent.

    • He lets me touch his belly but in angers him greatly. I tell him I paid good money for him and it was in the contact. Since he doesn’t read he doesn’t know that I am lying. He would growl at you if you tried.

  4. Don’t feel bad about that picture in that magazine. More than 90% of all pictures are photoshopped. I have a plant nearly the same as that one and have no idea what it is either so don’t feel bad. Norbert looks soooo fluffy and soft. One thing I love about cats is their bellies are so soft and fluffy.

  5. Birdie, the Instant Pot is my current obsession, and lasting a lot longer than most obsessions. I suspect will become an essential, like the refrigerator, the range and the microwave. All of our evening meals are cooked in it since it arrived in the house. I plan on taking it camping! Instead of a propane stove, I’ll use a small generator and an instant pot, or try for a campsite with an electrical service. Mind you, there are a few things it can’t produce… pizza! baked coconut lime fish fillets! dumplings! (dumplings are an epic fail in the instant pot, I had to try).

    The heat sounds horrendous for sleeping! I would melt, like Norbert, but I’d require a bigger tent and no tissue paper, it just sticks to the skin. 🙂

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