It is HAWT today. Too hot to be outside, that’s for sure. At this time of the day it is best to sit somewhere in the shade. One of the things I love most about my home is my private back yard. It is shaded in the afternoon and so pretty. Here is a picture of where I am sitting right now. The white trellis is there for privacy so I can go nekkid in my hot tub. It’s doubtful the neighbour can see because of all the trees so it’s just added protection.

I am sitting in the ugliest but most comfortable chair in the world. It was a thrift store find for a whole $15.00. It sits outside all year long. When I sat in it at the thrift store I said, this chair was built just for me and I bought it.

The upholstery was intact when I bought it but it has been sitting outside for 7 years.

This afternoon I met my son, daughter and her boyfriend for coffee. We had lots of fun. My daughter’s boyfriend is a lovely boy. Though he isn’t a boy, he’s 20.

After coffee I took my son for driving lessons. How is it that just yesterday I was learning to drive and now I am teaching it to my own kids?

Does anyone know what kind of flower this is? It looks like and was growing amongst the orange lillies in our yard but doesn’t look like an orange lilly flower.

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  1. I wish I had an accessible but private pool or hot tub. I did down the street but that ended… the older I get, the more heat bothers me. I love skinny dipping. Again that was in my past. I’m having a melancholy day for no reason whatsoever. I’m anxious about a 2.5 hour job I might take every weekday. It pays so little, it’s embarrassing. It would be a little heart job – “an attentive friend” to a 92 year old woman. She is intelligent, spry, healthy except for macular degeneration. There are pros for me but I have not had somewhere I’ve HAD to be every day for 30+ years because I’m a consultant and I feel scared. But I’m almost 62 and slowing that work down and I’m looking for gap income opportunities. I look at it as a little purpose and kindness put into the world for a couple hours each day. Why am I so scared or sad or anxious about this???? Am I a fool to take a job that is so low paying when I haven’t put much effort into finding “normal” work?

    • Just because you take the job doesn’t mean you have to keep it. Personally, I would go mad at this “forced socializing”, as they call it on Seinfeld. The introvert in me cringes. Are you introverted or extroverted? Could you do this as a job sharing situation where you only go 2 or 3 times a week?

      • I probably should have emailed you and not high jacked your blog comments with this!!! Sorry!!

  2. I am more introverted. She needs help with computer work – emails – driving her to shop for gifts, etc. no actual caregiving involved. She’s a cool lady – still gives vocal and piano lessons in the afternoon. I’m sure she has stories. Debbie Reynolds was her best friend. The thing about leaving is that I feel this great sense of ethics in such a situation because she’s 92. I would feel the same if it were a child. I suggested a probationary period but she liked me a lot and said it was not necessary. It would get me up, showered and dressed at a decent time each day. Since I am a consultant I can work in the middle of the night and live in pjs. Oh Birdie, change is so hard. So hard. I’m a researcher and this would be oh so different. But is it good for me to have forced socialization? I have lots of friends but I can be like a little recluse. How do you decide???

    • I say just give it a try. The whole Debbie Reynolds thing will keep you going for a while. And maybe she can teach you piano!

  3. Crocosmia. That’s the kind of flower you are holding. I have red ones blooming right now. They fabulous and look so tropical. -Jenn

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