This past weekend our city had a Hell’s Angel’s gathering. Two police helicopters flew over the city during the entire weekend. I have never seen this before. Until this weekend, I didn’t even know we had police helicopters but I had never been given reason to consider it. As far as I know, nothing happened.

Here is my riveting invention. When we wash dishes the rinse water gets poured into a Rubbermaid bin that sits on the sundeck. It flows out, down a tube then into an old garbage can. We use this water for our garden. It has been overflowing at times but is almost empty now.

I just received a weather warning from The Weather Network. It supposed to get hot.

Here is a picture of Norbert living under the barbecue.

And here he is helping me sew.

Right now I am listening to the audiobook, The Invention of Wing’s by Sue Monk Kidd. It is very good.

And that’s all I have. Actually, I am in a bad mood. I get tired of being sucked into other people’s stories. And yet, I continue to do it. Why do I have to be so fucking codependent all the time?

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  1. Now that is one great share, the dishwater idea!!! We use the dishwasher, but the bathtub is is used regularly, but carrying the water down and out is a real pain, so much eaiser to just carry it out, and let gravity take it down!

    What are the jars on the rope for?

    • Just to keep the hose from swinging. The jars were there and I utilized them. We were using a dishwasher but it broke so I am washing dishes by hand. I can’t believe how much water we save just from rinse water!

  2. What a clever invention. My father had a rain barrel that he used to water his plants.
    Norbert makes me laugh.

    • Norbert is definitely a funny cat. When God made him God said, “I am going to give this one ears that are too big for his body and a personality!”

  3. You know how I feel about Norbert.
    Love your initiative with the water. And yes, sigh on being sucked in to other people’s stories. And they are always stories of woe.

  4. Norbert is awesome! I love both his names! A question about the dish water… doesn’t sitting water bring mosquitos? I ask that because it’s a huge issue in my neighborhood apparently. I think I’m co-dependent too…

    • Ah, the beauty in this is the residual soap changes the surface tension of the water so if they land they sink and die. You can add a big squirt of dish soap to any water barrel to get rid of mosquitoes. Do it about once a week. Mosquitoes DEAD! It makes me so happy!

  5. David and I have two rain barrels hooked up to our rain gutters. They fill up as fast as I use them. I have something on my blog to cheer you up. Tickle Me Tuesday is a cute video. Go see it and cheer up gorgeous.

    • It is a beautiful story. Like I said, I listened to it on audiobook but I will definitely be adding this one to my collection in hard copy.

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