I am trying to post more often. But so many days have little to post about. I mean, this is what I got in the mail this morning. I was super pleased to get it because I have this disease and am losing my sight but was surprised at how fast it got here. I only ordered it this week. But it’s hardly post worthy.

Last night I took some MJ oil, the first time in months. I got so hungry! Maggie Turner mentioned toasted tomato sandwiches in her post and then all I could think about was toasted tomato sandwiches. So I had two. If you have never eaten food when you are stoned I can tell you it tastes a million times better. Every bite is a spiritual experience. If you have been stoned you will know what I am talking about. And you will know how you can get lost walking from the kitchen to the couch. Actually, come to think of it, I was reading blogs. I should probably go check to see what comments I may have left on your blogs. Anyway. I slept really well and had no anxiety at all.

It is absolutely lovely here today and I need to go out. I hate going out. Why anyone ever goes out is a mystery to me. This weekend we have a Hell’s Angel’s gathering. Hell’s Angel’s scare me. I guess that is what they want. We have so many gangs here now. And then there are the Bathtub Races. Please. Don’t make me explain the bathtub races. It’s a real thing and people love it. It is loud and crowded and loud and crowded and loud and crowded. We also have the B.C. Summer Games going on and the Sandcastle competitions are in the next community. See why I don’t want to go out? It will be bananas.* Yesterday after my haircut I stopped to get a few groceries. As I was pulling forward out of my parking spot this bitch comes flying through the parking lot, one hand on the wheel and one hand holding a coffee and she fucking honks at me! Then when I was driving home some asshole on a bike rides right in front of my car. I could tell he was up to no good. He was wearing a backpack and the bike was way too small for him because it was likely stolen. Anyway, I came home and I started as soon as the door opened. “Just once I would like to go out and not have some asshole piss me off!” And on and on I went and my husband was trying not to laugh. But I mean, seriously. What the fuck happened to being polite and and nice and courteous?

So I am not sure if I am going out today. I do need to get my eyebrows threaded. And I need a few things at the grocery store.

*I have never used the term bananas before.

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  1. I am ALWAYS happy to see a new post from you pop up in my reader.
    And go out as little as possible. And even less often to places with crowds.
    I have been considering getting my eyebrows threaded for a while (I can’t see well enough to do it for myself any more). But it means going out…

    • I used to get mine waxed but threading is cheaper and faster. But yeah, it means going out. I try to do it when I’m already out.

  2. I remember watching the bathtub races when I was young. My aunt and uncle just outside of Ladysmith on Cedar Road, by the old drive-in theatre. We usually visited them in the summer and I loved going to Nanaimo. I loved spending time with my Auntie Pearl too, she always made my mum laugh.

    • People who live here don’t seem to want to go. I was born here and have been once. They do have fireworks though! Maybe I will go this year. Or not. Probably not.

  3. You are hysterical! I have to look up bathroom races! Come to Los Angeles and have lunch with me!!♥️

  4. It’s really hard to stay in when you live in Los Angeles and not feel guilty because the weather is so damn nice nearly every single day! I am wondering how you have enough nerve to get your brows threaded! I did it once, and it hurt so much, I was freaked out.

    • It does hurt! It makes me sneeze and my eyes water. But I end up looking like Blaca Flores from Orange is the New Black if I don’t keep on top of it. I don’t know if I could handle California traffic. I’ve been there and could not get over highways with 16 lanes of traffic! I’m not kidding. I have never seen anything like it. It was terrifying.

  5. I haven’t been posting as much recently either. Not much going on to post about.
    I’m going to have to click the link to learn about “bathtub races.” 🙂
    I’ve never gotten my eyebrows threaded. An experience I’ll have to try… or not.
    I had a toasted bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich yesterday for lunch. It was delicious. The tomatoes are so wonderful this time of year.

    • BB, do you have a blog now? When I click on your name it says you closed your site. I wanted to have bacon on my sandwich but it was late and I couldn’t wait. I was ravenous! Bacon makes life better. That is a fact. Sorry, vegans but it’s true. 😁

  6. Okay, this is the first time I hear about bathtub races! That is hysterical. Today I learned something new. Not what I expected, but still new.

    At least you are blogging. I have blog burnout and have put my blog on hold. I have a lot to say and have nothing to say, if that makes any sense!

    • Bathtub races, just called Bathtub by the locals, used to be a fun event. It has become super competitive and unless you have a lot of money you can’t win. It was started by an old mayor, Mayor “Black Frank” Ney. He was major here for years and years and he was loved by everyone. You could find him roaming the streets of the downtown dressed as a pirate. He would talk to anyone who passed by. He was awesome!

  7. I’ve never been stoned, I wonder if I’m missing out. Mind you I don’t need to be to feel hungry.

    I’ve been trying to blog more, but have realised I don’t really have anything to blog about. Not a good combination!

    • I hadn’t either until my anxiety got so bad that I was terrified to do anything. I had tried everything pharmaceutical under the sun. Nothing works anywhere close to the oil. I know this is a difficult topic for you. I know I would not be happy if either of my kids were using it for recreational use, them both being in their early 20’s. They do both drink and it’s a huge concern for me considering the genetics in my family.

  8. Your entries are just right. I hope you will keep ’em coming regularly. It’s not about having something to blog about. It’s about talking to your friends, and you do that beautifully! -Kate

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