Another Day In Pictures

Today was another daucey day. Just blah. I even napped. My flowers are blooming nicely. Can you find Norbert lurking? He is on his leash. I wonder if all the neighbourhood cats will make fun of him now? Not that they didn’t before. We have a lot of cats in this neighbourhood and they are either feral or else just really mean house cats. Anyway, I worry that the other cats will laugh at him and hurt his feeling. He only has one feeling and I don’t want it hurt.

In other news, I got my hair cut today. I just can’t pull off long hair. I want to so bad because I love it but my hair is frizzy and grey and it goes all over the place 30 seconds after I brush it.

Here is before…

And after…

But then there is this. See below. Holy hell how many chins is that? Ot is it chin-3.14? I took the picture below and when I saw it I wanted to throw me and my iPad off the sundeck. There is no way in hell this little selfie will show up on Facebook. It is pictures like the one below that Facebook came up with being able to override the tag feature.

Dear god. Where’s my neck? I look like. A puffer fish.

26 thoughts on “Another Day In Pictures

  1. These pics just make me smile. I see a strong, tough, beautifully vulnerable, sweet woman. Love the happy colors in your hair and, of course, the purple glasses. You are a hero to me.

  2. Your photos (all of them) make me smile broadly. I love your stylish new ‘do’. And your courage. I avoid photos at all cost. I avoid mirrors too. Pretty successfully.
    And yes I did spot Norbert. And love your garden.

    • I should do a Where’s Norbert akin to Where’s Waldo. However, right now he is sleeping on my lap. He is such a good kitty. I love him so much!

    • I think we all do. But then we all have a friend or two on Facebook that posts selfies every few days. I always wonder how many pictures they took and deleted before they found one they liked.

  3. This is kind of like a point I was making earlier about selfies. I don’t like them. I don’t think we turn out the way we normally appear in a selfie. I think only beautiful people ages 16 to 21 can take proper selfies. I think they practise. So don’t judge yourself based on a selfie.
    Your flowers are lovely! You must have had some rain this summer. Poor Norbert. He’ll need extra pets and treats to mend his damaged ego. I don’t know how you get him to wear a leash at all!
    Your new hair do is so fun!! -Jenn

    • I actually only have a handful of selfies because well, they are selfies. We have had rain this summer but it’s been dry for a while now. All our rain barrels are used up. I water the flowers on my deck at least once a day, sometimes twice.

  4. Very cute! I like your dyed hightlights — they complement your glasses so nicely! And lol, we’ve ALL got photos like that in our “deleted” files, don’t we!

  5. Don’t be so hard on yourself Birdie! You look lovely. Some pictures don’t capture the truth, especially phone pictures. They distort angles of the face. My daughter taught me to always hold the camera a little up and tilted forward for selfies. I love your haircut and the blue ombre is so very cool.

  6. I love the touch of blue in your hair. Is that only on the sides or is it throughout? Have you tried a pixy cut? I think it would be perfect instead of the cut you have now and it would make it easier to wrestle with in the morning. I got one last summer and loved it. I’m going to get one next week. I don’t want to have to worry about my hair in the hospital.
    I love the gladiolas and the lilies.

    • OMG. I had pixie cuts my whole life. Absolutely hate them on me now. I have naturally wavy hair and it just sticks straight up. The stylist flat ironed my hair so you can’t tell that it does what it wants.

  7. Always always take selfies from above! 😂 Recently a friend of mollys posted a hideous picture of me holding Landon with no touch ups done…every wrinkle, every sun spot and freckle, and the crease between my eyes was magnified by the makeup I was sweating off…it was horrible. But there was Landon, so who cares!
    I LOVE your new haircut!! So cute, and your glasses…. just adorable. Your flowers are beautiful. I love reading your thoughts sweet friend…you really are so funny and you brighten my day!

  8. Dear Birdie, I did find Norbert. Today there was real moroseness here because I thought that one of the three cats with whom I live had slipped out of the house last night when I opened the front door to check on something. For two hours this morning, I went through the house, calling her name, looking under every bed and piece of furniture, into every closet and cabinet. No Ellie. I called the animal shelter just in case someone had found her. For two hours I felt that she was lost to me. Then, while fixing a late breakfast, I glanced down and there she was. The joy of it! Peace.

  9. Hi Birdie. I saw your comment at Joey’s about the books you like. Rather than cluttering his comments with my reply to you, I decided to come clutter yours with a couple of suggestions. Earlier this year I read Triangle by David von Drehle. It’s a bit dry in spots, but an excellent history on the changes that took place because of the shirtwaist factory fire a century ago that killed a number of women. Another eye-opener I read last year about a strong woman is Faith and Betrayal by Sally Denton. They might be worth looking up if you’re not already familiar with them.

    I think your new haircut looks great and I can (unfortunately) totally relate to the chin(s).

    • You can clutter up my comments with book suggestions any time! Thank you so much for the suggestions. I am going to go to Abebooks now and order them even though I promised myself that I would not buy books until my current hoard is read. Oh, well. I can start next week. Thanks again!

      • Birdie, maybe you could do a blog post with a list of the books you like. In the past I have read one of your favorites and I loved it. (The Humans) I’d love to see your entire list of favorites. Just a suggestion….

      • That’s actually a good idea. I have thought about it before but there are so many I don’t know where to start. Another book by Matt Haig that I loved is, Reasons to Stay Alive. He has a new one that I am waiting to arrive called, Notes on a Nervous Planet.

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