My Day in Pictures

I never used to love marigolds. But I do now. They are such a happy bloom.

I found this old toolbox at the re-store and painted it and turned it into a flower box.

I also found this toolbox on a different stop at the re-store. It isn’t blooming as well as the other one but I don’t know why.

Don’t you just love summer? It is especially loved because it is so rainy and dark here most of the year.

This morning I could only see about 6 bricks. The rest were almost completely covered in dirt and moss. My shoulder is sore now from scraping.

These bricks weren’t as bad but they needed cleaning too.

The gladiolus are starting to bloom!

The fairies have arrived.

I started staining this bench but got tired and went inside.

Some reading and crosswords.

Now I am sitting outside in my nightgown enjoying the cool evening. Norbert is watching his birdies. He came out from underneath the barbecue where he lives in the summer.

*He doesn’t really live under the barbecue. He just spends a lot of time under it when he is outside on the deck. He ain’t allowed off the deck so he sulks under the barbecue.

11 thoughts on “My Day in Pictures

  1. The first few months hannah came home she planted these marigolds that were the most enormous vibrant and sturdy marigolds I had ever seen! I donโ€™t really like marigoldsbut these were really so remarkable… they filled me with joy and hope during those early months.
    Did I send you that book? I loved that book so much!!

  2. A day in the garden is always a good day and your garden looks beautiful. I’m so glad the depression has lifted.

  3. Everything is so lovely. I also have learned to love marigolds over the years. They are beautiful flowers and they are also very tough!

    Always loving Norbert, of course ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. We have no flowering plants at all this year. I’ve spent all my time and energy cutting the grass and hedges. After seeing your containers I feel a wee bit jealous. ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. Your flowers and gardens look lovely. Every time you post a Norbert picture my heart clenches a bit because I miss having a cat so much. I’ll get another cat but not until one of the kids moves out.

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