Today I was going to go to a study at my church. Tonight I was going to go to my woman’s group but I did not do either because I picked a billion raspberries, cut down part of a tree, mowed the lawn, weeded for about 2741 hours, swept the sun deck, washed dishes, demossed part of the stone path, trimmed the strawberry patch, did a crossword puzzle, swept the bathroom floor, chased Norbert after he slipped his outside leash, repotted my African violet, washed the wooden bench to get ready for restaining and watered my flowers. And in an hour I am going to go get my son so he can practice driving.

Yesterday I went to the store and bought a 50th Anniversary card for my aunt and uncle. And two sympathy cards. My mom’s best friend, C. died. She was the friend that visited my mom every single day in palliative while my mom was dying. Do you want to know a funny thing? She was raising her grandson. My daughter and her grandson used to play together when they were little. One day, when they were about 4 they wandered off together. They had somehow unlatched the gate. C. and I found them going up the street. (They were in so much trouble but it was the kind of trouble where you are trying not to laugh.) Anyway, that was over 15 years ago. Guess who’s dating now? Yes. C.’s grandson and my daughter.

What else? I did laundry and hung it on the line. How exciting. And changed the beds and cleaned the bathroom. I love clean sheet day.

My life is so boring.

I am still working on the skirt I mentioned a post or two back. I messed up and had to unpick half a billion stitches. One day I will learn to actually follow directions. Ha! That’s a laugh. Have you ever seen that test where the first direction is to read all directions carefully. Then it tells you to do 50 different things and then at the end it tells you to do none of it except write your name? I always forge ahead thinking I don’t need no damn directions. I don’t need some stranger telling me how to live my life. Except I do. But not really. I like to do things how I want to do them. My god. Does this make sense to anyone?

Has anyone watched The Staircase on Netflix? Did he or didn’t he kill her? What a bizarre story.

Norbert is so hot. He spent a good amount of time today under the barbecue until I forced him to go inside. It’s too hot outside for him now that he is a senior cat. He’s 14 this year. Speak of the devil. He must know I was blogging about him because he just woke up and hopped up beside me. He really is as big as he looks here. He weighs 12 pounds. He is also very, very long.

Good lord. This post is ridiculously boring.

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  1. Not boring. No way, no how, no chance.
    Goodness you are busy. Very busy. I need a nap after reading this, let alone doing it.
    How amazing that C’s grandson and your daughter are rekindling their friendship. My sentimental self loves that.

  2. I’m exhausted after reading that first paragraph. You were very productive. Sweet about your daughter and C’s grandson. Hope it works out. 🙂 Norbert is crazy to go outside when he has a cooler place inside.

    • Norbert is just too lazy to come inside. I had to go pick him up and bring him in. And he knows he can be lazy because he knows I will do this.

  3. I like days like this, getting a lot of stuff done. It’s satisfying.

    The big guy is talking about buying a cottage in Ucluelet. He loves it there, so we may be spending more time on the island which means I can visit you:)

    • It is satisfying. Especially after being so depressed after months and months. And, yes! Buy a cottage in Ucluelet. *happy dance*

  4. My dear, nothing is ever boring about you. I love to read what you are doing. It’s very interesting to me to read what other people do in their lives. It makes me feel like I’m not the only one home cleaning, laundering, and cooking in this life. It’s interesting that two young people grow up and find love with each other. It’s kinda romantic.

  5. Dear Birdie, I live with three cats, the eldest, Ellie, is nearly 12 years old and weighs 13 1/2 pounds. She’s a big cat in every way!

    As to all you did in one day–it made me tired just to read it! I don’t know how you manage to keep going. I would have taken a long nap and at the end of the day done about three things. Peace.

    • By no means do I do this every day. Having depression means I have a lot of days where all I do is sit, especially in the winter.

    • Norbert despises hugs but I will give him a hug anyway and tell him it’s from you. I hug him all the time and he gets so indignant. Afterwards he goes off to groom himself to rid his fur of what he considers filth. It’s like Silkwood.

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