This morning I woke up feeling dauncy. I am not sure how to spell dauncy because it’s not a real world. It’s a word from I Love Lucy. Lucy said it was a word her grandmother made up for when you are not sick but still feel blah. I feel blah.

I have been doing more sewing and am wearing some seersucker pyjama bottoms I made. They actually fit! When I got up this morning I did get dressed but it was too much effort to stay dressed so I got back into my pyjamas. Next I am making a wrap-around, lined skirt that is supposed to be for people learning to sew but trying to figure out how to lay out the pattern made me feel stabby. Eventually I figured it out and realized I had the fabric folded in the wrong direction and I was going to start on it today but alas, I am feeling dauncy. I am not sure how this skirt will look on me with my size being what it is but I thought it was such a cute skirt. Actually, now I am not sure what I was thinking when I was looking at pattern books because the last time I wore a dress was to my mom’s Celebration of Life almost 7 years ago. And I had to buy that dress because I didn’t own a dress. Okay. This is probably going to be a bad idea. I will keep you posted.

Why is this font so huge?

My son just dropped by for a visit. I sent him home with a bag of raspberries from our garden. Why do mothers always feel the need to feed their children? Do dad’s do this?

Here is some Norbert porn. He is exhausted, the poor baby. Though I am not sure why or how he can possibly be exhausted. He did less than I did today and all I did was some dishes because our dishwasher is broken and I don’t want to spend the money to replace it.

My son has recommended a movie that has Benedict Cumberbatch (love him!) that’s on Netflix so I am going to go watch that now. The, blissfully off to bed.

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  1. I believe the last time I wore an actual dress was my high school graduation in 1975. The last time I wore a skirt was to a job interview in January 1986. After that — FREEDOM, BABY!

    And Norbert, you handsome devil!

  2. I hope your dastardly daunciness DISAPPEARS (damn quickly). Skirts? Dresses? A bit of a foreign language to me.
    And love Norbert. Of course. Jazz is currently crashed out in the wardrobe after a hard day of eating and napping.

  3. Some Dad’s do that, feel cmopelled to feed their kids… Attila does it, he even does it to me sometimes. My friend Patrick did it, me, and the kids. My friend Derek did it, me and the kids. First marriage though, couldn’t even feed himself, what was I thinking!

  4. I love that word and will use it. Good luck on the sewing. I don’t know why you think you’re fat, I’ve met you, you’re not. Just saying:)
    Cats are professional sleepers. They give it their all.
    The font I really like because it’s easy for me to read, my eyesight not being what it used to be.

    Take care.

  5. i love this post. I feel like I’m across the kitchen table from you, hearing about your day in real time. Dauncy. Stabby. Both good words, so thank you. I hope you feel better soon.

  6. I don’t wear a dress unless I absolutely have no choice. And it’s been a very long time since I had to. I don’t mind those light summery dresses that you can wear with sandals but dressing up fancy with high heels makes me nuts.

    Norbert is adorable. Would I be able to pet his belly or would that lead to an emergency room visit?

  7. I bought four dresses two years ago. They sat in my closet. Today I wore one of them. I don’t understand why I didn’t wear a dress earlier when I bought them. It’s so much cooler with the hot temperatures. Norbert porn, I love that.

  8. LOL Stabby…ahahahahahaha!!!! Oh my word Birdie.I totally get what you mean by that. I crumple stuff up and pitch it across the room as soon as I feel defeated by it…all the while I am swearing too. I used to sew but not any more. i don’t have enough patience to even look at pattern books anymore. Show us a pic of the finished skirt, eh? Also, I am besotted with Norbert. I’d rub his belly and I wouldn’t care if he never talked to me again!

  9. “it was too much effort to stay dressed so I got back into my pyjamas.”

    This is a condition I’ve never thought of before! How can it possibly be too much effort to STAY dressed? To GET dressed, yeah; to get into your pyjamas when you’re tired, for sure; but to STAY dressed? You have given me something new to think about, my girl!

    Also I love “stabby.” It’s so perfect. Who invents these ways of using words? I admire them so.


    • Staying dressed requires putting up with waist bands. And wearing a bra. Wearing a bra is never comfortable so it was too much effort to stay dressed. I know. I confuse myself sometimes. Pyjamas are just so easy to live in.

  10. My girlfriends in college and I used to call it the FUDS. It stood for “fat,” “ugly,” and “dumb,” none of which we were but all of which we felt. Sigh.

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