First, some happy news. Last Monday I met a blogging friend! This is D. from My Lily Pad. She was just as nice as she could be and I felt like I had known her forever. She is exactly like the person she is on her blog. I was so nervous before we met but our time together went way too fast. Her husband, The Big Guy, is indeed a big guy! He was so down to earth and obviously so in love with her. I hope to see them again some day.

Upsetting news. My daughter was born with a genetic disease called Neurofibromatosis. I am not going to explain it because it has the potential to be really fucking awful. If you want to know you can click the link. In the last few years she has been dealing with severe pain and vertigo so we went to Victoria General Hospital to see the geneticist. I want to say how unbelievably amazing she was. Young and super informed and a wealth of knowledge. Unfortunately, my daughters symptoms may be pointing to tumours on her spine and possibly on the brain. I am hoping and praying not. She is going to be scheduled for an MRI as soon as possible. She will be getting genetic testing that was not available when she was young. There was talk of what to consider when she decides to start a family. None of it was positive but we are trying to remain optimistic. (One thing that I kept thinking about throughout the appointment was how the only thing we paid for was $2.75 for parking. I am so grateful that we live in Canada where everything is covered, even the genetic testing which ironically, is done in the U.S. It brought me back to the point that every American deserves healthcare. It’s not a privilege, it’s a right. I am absolutely sickened that T. and his evil minions are using the healthcare system as a means to an end for profit.) Anyway, I am really hoping that this will all come to nothing. Today I feel sad and so tired.

Earlier this week I saw a psychiatrist. I had requested a referral because I have been dealing with depression my whole life and thought he might have something new to offer. I was dreading the appointment because I felt confident I was going to receive the stigma that I have so often received. It wasn’t that way at all. He was so kind and caring. He is from Nigeria and was a little difficult to understand but he asked all about me and my life and was genuinely interested to in my answers. He recommended I stay on the same treatment that I started about a month back and wants to see me in 3 months. Where has he been my whole life?

I will leave you with something that made me and my daughter laugh so hard. When we were leaving the hospital I was confused how to get back on the main road., even with my GPS. It looks so obvious from above but I got “lost” leaving the parking lot. I was parked in the red highlight. After leaving the parking lot I was looking for the road to get back to the highway but because there was a line of buses (highlighted in yellow) I thought the entrance to the hospital was the road I needed to leave and ended up exactly where I had just pulled out of.

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Addendum – Well that was a disaster. I can’t get pictures added to Blogger and the font size is all messed up and I can’t scroll while posting at all. I have changed the way comments are posted so I hope that it makes it easier.

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  1. I have met a couple of other bloggers. I was very, very nervous. And my nerves were totally misplaced. Lovely people both of them.
    I am so sorry to hear about your daughter’s condition. Oceans of caring are flowing to you, and to her.
    And hooray for a psychiatrist (any doctor really) who listens.

  2. So glad you enjoyed meeting a blogging buddy! It’s always great to have that face-to-face interaction! And also happy you’ve found a caring doctor — good news!

    Sending best wishes to your daughter that all will work out well. And yes, we Canadians are so lucky to have universal healthcare. Happy Canada Day!

  3. I love My Lily Pad and was wondering where I found her blog so it must of been through yours, and I’m so pleased I did. I’m glad the meet up went well.

    Praying for your daughter.

  4. I pray your daughter gets through this unscathed but we know that isn’t going to happen. I just hope she’s alright and nothing bad happens. I have never met any of my blogging friends. Sadly, the Screaming Orange Carrot Demon in the White House may never leave soon. We are hoping Mueller hurries his investigation and finds just cause to put him behind bars forever and take everything from him. Now that alone would make my year.

  5. I clicked on the link but it did not take me anywhere. How exciting to meet a blog friend in person! I recently met two of mine. Sorry for the struggles of you and your daughter. The world of medicine is complex.

  6. I’m so glad we got to meet in real life. You’re such a lovely woman, so warm and easy to talk to. I was so nervous about meeting you. I have a hard time meeting people I don’t know but I’m much better than when I was young.

    I didn’t realize that your daughter has neurofibromatosis, not did I realize it can cause deafness. Hope things go well for her.

    And I’m so glad you found a nice doc. It helps so much.

  7. Gorgeous ladies with radiant smiles!’ So happy you found a good dr. Keeping you and your daughter in my thoughts. I find myself wishing I were Canadian often.

  8. I am so jealous that you got to meet one another! I’ve been reading both of your blogs FOREVER! It’s such a great picture of the two of you. I am really sorry to hear about your daughter and what she’s going through. I know from experience what that kind of worry and anxiety can be, so I send you continued courage and strength forward. May she be well.

  9. In every instance when I have met a fellow blogger the connection has been instantaneous and true. We pour our hearts out here and by the time we meet there’s no artifice. I’m so sorry your daughter is dealing with such difficult news. I send prayers for the best possible outcome. I’m glad you connected with a good therapist, especially now.

  10. Today we celebrated 70 years of our National Health Service. I am proud to have been born into a country where everyone gets treatment no matter what the cost. I believe every country should have the same.

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