Well, we welcomed summer and the weather has been gorgeous but it’s pouring now so here’s a blog post.

Last week I started sewing again after a 30 year hiatus. When I was a teenager I was quite a good seamstress. I took a sewing class because that is what we non-academics did. That and cooking. One of the projects I did was sew a formal dress that was lined, had boning and a hidden zipper. It had a full skirt and I wore a crinoline underneath it. It was beautiful when it was done. I still have it. Now, it wouldn’t fit my leg but I was and am still proud of it. Last week I decided to sew some pyjama bottoms. A total disaster. The front and back hems didn’t match up, not even close. I had to add a panel to the front to make the top come together. And then I must have made the back the front because there was no room in the front for my stomach. Oh, and I messed up adding the drawstring and the whole entire project is now in the trash. Three days ago I decided to make a nightgown and it turned out okay but it is about 6 sizes too big. I wore it to bed last night but I was swimming in it and it kept getting wrapped around me so I took it off and put on my regular pyjamas that were bought in a store.

Norbert is being Norbert. I just called him to come and sit on my lap and instead he came in my direction and sat on the other couch. He does this to hurt my feelings and to get back at me for not letting him outside earlier. He’s and indoor cat but he doesn’t agree. For over an hour he tried escaping while I was coming in and out of the house. Every time the door opened he would make a break for it. I finally yelled at him and told him he was a bad cat. Then I felt bad and picked him up and kissed and hugged him and told him I loved him and that he is a good cat. Anyway, he is not speaking to me now.

I finally finished this.

If you have been reading my blog for a long time you might remember that I started it after my mom died almost 7 years ago. I finished the cross stitch part in about 6 months then put it in a drawer because it made me too sad to look at it. A couple weeks back I did a not very good job of quilting it and added the red bias tape. It’s now hanging on my bedroom wall. It’s called the Tree of Life.

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  1. Hi Barbara…
    It’s been awhile!
    I took home ec in grade 7&8….best thing I ever did.
    Sewed all my own clothes all thru high school, and right up to after I was married.
    Then I had kids. 😳 But I did sew my girls lots of house coats and dresses while they were growing up.
    I made my oldest daughters gr 8 grad dress…bones !! It was peach! πŸ˜‚
    Made all sorts of stuff for my boyfriend…ties…jams….madras jackets…I was a busy little bee!🐝🐝🐝
    Sorry to go on for so long….but I also recently started cross stitch again!
    Yours is gorgeous Barbara…you must be really pleased with yourself.
    Ok…I’m done!
    Linda :o)

  2. Well Done!!! That must have been frustrating to have the PJ’s turnout too big but I am completely impressed. It’s good to hear from you.

  3. You make me laugh, I have a cross stitch that must be at least as old as yours, and I’m still not done either. That is a beautiful pattern. Good for you taking up sewing again. I also made a lot of clothes in highschool. I wish I had kept some of them. (Not that I would fit in the either). -Jenn

  4. That would be like me whenever I’ve sewn things. It’s too frustrating. I envy those who can do it, though! And wish I had a person like that on my staff. Along with the hairdresser, housekeeper, and cook. When I win my million. -Kate

  5. Love your tree of life – and I am very glad that it is now hanging on the wall.
    Jazz (who is definitely related to Norbert) is having a bit of a hate at me. He does go out (briefly) in the morning. I let him out this morning and there was a frost. And it was cold. He came back in again and made it very clear it was my fault.

  6. It’s good to see a post from you. I was a little worried. I took a home economics class in high school and quickly found out science and chemistry was a better place for me. I couldn’t sew a lick back then but now, I seem to be able to sew practically anything. I’m working on a dress I saw in a catalog that I want but the size is for skinny minis. I think it will look great when I finally finish it. I have a cross stitch sampler sitting in my trunk. I need to bring it out and finish it. In fact, I need to go through that trunk because I have all kinds of goodies in there.

  7. Oh, that Tree of Life hanging is gorgeous, Birdie! And your sewing escapade made me LOL! But it sounds like you were an excellent seamstress back in the day and I’m sure you could be again with a bit of practice to knock off the rust.

  8. I love that tree of life wall hanging! I used to sew and make clothes way back when too. My stuff always turned out crappy, lopsided, too tight or uneven. A few years back I borrowed my daughters sewing machine to hem a few pairs of pants. That very same year my husband surprised me at Christmas and bought me my very own brand new sewing machine …sigh…men can be so dense. It makes him angry that I never use it!

  9. Dear Birdie, your “Tree of Life” is lovely. So colorful and uplifting. I’m glad you are hanging it on the wall as it can be a reminder of the talent you have as a seamstress and quilter. It will help you realize that you are a fine and wonderful human being! Peace.

  10. Hi Birdie πŸ™‚ Your “Tree of Life” is wonderful! I think it’s great you got back into sewing. I have a really nice sewing machine and I’m itching to make more of my own clothes…it’s just the cost of the patterns that kill me!

  11. That is beautiful embroidery, Birdie. A special thing to have on your wall. Funny how we return to the passions of our youth, you in sewing, me in painting.

  12. That a lovely piece that you made Birdie. Gives me an idea for a quilt:) I’ve loved the tree of life for quite awhile but had forgotten about it.

    I enjoyed meeting you so much. It’s too bad we don’t live closer but I am glad that we can keep in touch with our blogs.

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