12 thoughts on “Here

  1. To my numerous Canadian blogging friends….I DID NOT VOTE FOR THAT IDIOT.
    To Justin….please keep it up.

    To DJT….Do the words TRADE SURPLUS mean anything to you, you big orange moron?
    AND PS….I didn’t just make that up.

  2. Exactly! He was an absolute beast during the G7. We the people of the United States of America apologize for his bad behavior and we hope to install someone who is more well behaved and honorable than that nasty piece of shit we are stuck with right now.

  3. He is an incompetent nincompoop. What I truly don’t understand is the people who surround him…the other members of his staff, who don’t do anything about his bad, unethical, dangerous behavior. Why doesn’t anybody ever say to him, like you would to a misbehaving toddler, “Stop it!” Is there no time-out chair in that White House? Is there no recourse for the rest of us Americans? Do we all just have to sit here and watch that ass burn the place to the ground? I truly hope that the rest of the World realizes that most of the American people are embarrassed and horrified by his actions and behavior. I detest that man.

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