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My favourite author, Emily Carr wrote a book called, The House of All Sorts telling about her time of owning a boarding house in the early 1900’s. It makes me think of this post about being about all sorts of things. It also reminds me that I should reread her book but I am not kidding, I keep buying books and can’t begin to read all of them. I used to have a stack stacks on my nightstand and more on my dresser. Finally I just decided to bring a small bookcase into my bedroom. Last week I decided to do a cull. There is no better word for it because my books are friends and it feels just like a cull. Anyway, I ended up sitting in front of my bookcases for a couple hours, got rid of one small box but not really because it’s still sitting there and brought at least a dozen upstairs to read again.

The weather here has been cool and so dry. It’s a little scary when it gets this dry so early on. Today I planted some marigolds and petunias. There were some leftover that wouldn’t fit so I will plant those tomorrow. This year I am going to save the marigold seeds and see if I can grow my own next year. The problem here is always lack of sun so will see how that goes.

img_1900Today I went to buy some new curtains for the downstairs bedroom. It ended up taking hours. First I went to Jysk but didn’t like anything they had. Then I tried but it was all Overpriced. Then I tired Walmart and it was all crap. The website shows you the same items over and over again and it’s all ugly garbage. I also tried Lowe’s and a few different places until finally finding something at IKEA. I have never bought a thing at IKEA, autocorrect is capitalizing IKEA, in my life. I don’t exactly hate what I bought but I don’t love them either. They are going to be 8 feet long. That pisses me off because I only need them to be about 4. Now when they arrive I have to cut them and get out my sewing machine and buy thread and get a proper needle and set up the machine and a whole fucking tadoo. It will end up making me so mad, I just know it. I just want to buy curtains that are already the right length and be done with it.

I think I mentioned in another post that I’m going to the Unity church. And Tai Chi. I’m enjoying both. The Unity church has a group that studies A Course in Miracles and it’s freaking me out. Does anyone know about ACIM? Tell me about it, please because something is not sitting right with me.

Norbert is freaking out right now because there is some paper on the ground. I tried to take a picture but he ran away.

The hospital trauma helicopter is going over my house right now. That means someone isn’t having a good day.

The last few months have been brutal for my depression. I tried a new med that didn’t do a thing except made me gain 10 pounds so I am on a different one now, Effexor. It seems to help so I am cautiously optimistic.

15 thoughts on “All Sorts

  1. It’s good to hear from you Birdie! I hate depression and am sorry for all you go through. I hope this drug helps you. My friend bought me beautiful deep pink curtains from Ikea. They are unbelievably nice and so pretty. It was about 5 years or so ago. I like to look at curtains at Cost Plus and Bed, Bath and Beyond.

  2. It is lovely to see a post from you pop up in my reader.
    We are dreadfully dry here too. Less than ten percent of our usual rain over the last several months. And we don’t usually get enough anyway.
    Love your cautious optimism – and hope it turns to positive joy.
    And how I hate shopping. With the exception of books and plants I have almost total sales resistance.

  3. Hi Birdie! Thank you for stopping at my blog. I can’t seem to leave any replies on it at the moment, however. I’m glad you are trying a new medication – too bad that the old one wasn’t the right one for you, but good that you keep trying. When you find one that does work…hallelluea (or however you spell that). I have a horrible time with curtains. Every time I watch a British tv show, I look at their curtains. Now those people know how to do curtains!! (the traditional ones, lovely fabric, good weight…) I will tell the tale of the two ducks on another post sometime. Have a good rest of your weekend! -Jenn

  4. I’ve taken Effexor for years now. It works well. The dose was doubled last Christmas when the black dog bit me in the ass, hard, and that has helped immensely. I feel much better. Still only taking a half dose though.

    It’s been dry here too. We had a winter that went on forever and then summer started. Now we’re back to spring, cooler with a little bit of rain. Weird weather indeed.

    I’m glad you’re feeling better:)

  5. Wikipedia has an article on “A Course in Miracles” — it seems to promote a kind of New Age-y Christianity. But in matters of spirituality, always, ALWAYS, trust your own gut — if something doesn’t sit right with you, don’t get mixed up in it.

  6. Wait, you’re enjoying Unity, but their course of study is freaking you out? What exactly isn’t sitting right for you? Can you articulate it? I used to go to Unity in New York. It was the only church I happily got out of bed on a Sunday morning to go to. Then the minister changed and I didn’t really give the new one much of a chance, plus my husband had gotten involved with a sweet little activist neighborhood church which i now consider my church, although I don’t often go. But I love how it makes him feel useful and happy. I think he found his soul cluster there. So that makes me happy. As for the shower curtain, my experience of Ikea is that you will like it better than the photo when it arrives.

  7. I remember how much you loved Emily Carr — I so enjoyed wandering around and visiting her home when I stayed in Victoria, just down the street, several years ago. I think ACIM is a bit too self-helpy/manifestation for me, but I know it “works” for many people.

  8. I tried to read ACIM a few years back and thought to myself…’What the hell?” That’s the book where some guy dictated his thoughts to someone else while being in a state of trance or something, right? It was a little bit too out there for my tastes. However, I will say that through that book I discovered Marianne Williamson, and I love her books. Illuminata- A return to Prayer is my favorite. Our weather here has been wet and rainy. 8 inches of rain this past May set a new record for us. The other day I had mosquitos “helping” me carry the garden hose. They’re about the size of Pterodactyls. I weed the garden for about five minutes then have to head inside…there are too many of them to get anything done. Also…I can never find curtains in the right size. Ever.

  9. Hi Birdie 🙂 I hope the Effexor works for you. I took it for 7 months and had a 7 month migraine. Prozac was the only one I could tolerate but hated the “cotton mouth” side effect. It’s a long process to try new meds isn’t it? I do hope you’re feeling better. I LOVE Ikea, we have one a few hours away, but haven’t been in years. My boyfriend laughs and say Ikea is Swedish for “crap” because a lot of their quality has really gone down lol…I’ve been reading a lot more now that it’s summer and I can be on the porch most of the days. I still have way too many books though! My marigolds never sprouted out this year, I think I have bad seeds or something. I hope you can harvest some of your own seeds!

  10. I used to have tons of books, but I got rid of most of them when we moved a few years ago. Now I mostly listen to audiobooks because my vision is so lousy. I don’t know what ACIM is.
    Hope the Effexor works for you.

  11. Dear Birdie, yes, buying something that we need for a specific purpose really can take a lot of time and energy. Because of Glaucoma, I am no longer able to drive, and so I do 99% of my shopping on line. It can take long minutes that stretch to an hour or more to find the item I’m needing. so I appreciate your irritation and frustration with the shower curtains.

    I’m glad the new med seems to be helping. It takes such loving patience to live with depression as you search for the pill that will bring an end to this long siege. Peace.

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