Some of you have been asking for a picture of Norbert. So here he is. In an Amazon box that was about 10 times larger than a book I bought on American Sign Language.

Sort of like how Norbert’s ears are too big for his head.

Feeling sort of not horrible. The body aches and headache have set in which always happen after I go through dark days.

Here is one thing I’ve noticed since starting counselling. I go through super dark times like I always have but they don’t last as long. I am gaining knowledge and inner strength to reach within myself to find solutions to see if I can be in a better place. Like yesterday, when I actually say down with my employer to see what could be done. Because deep down I know I am a great worker and have a lot of compassion and when you get to your last stages of living, you want someone like me there. I have a lot of love to share and have empathy and compassion. Anyway, being able to reach within myself is huge for me. It’s something everyone else does without thinking. My normal reaction up until now has been to regress into fear. I have so far to go. This is just a twinkle right now. Maybe one day it will be a shiny sun. 🌞

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  1. Norbert is a charmer.
    I am so very glad that you are starting to see a little of the shining light that you are. The beacon that is obvious to your readers, and probably even more obvious to those you care for.
    Huge hugs.

  2. Norbert’s ears are perfectly fine……he and I both agree on that.

    My daughter also talks about the dark days being more bareable, not as deep, not as long. She knows it’s only temporary and that gives her hope.

    Hugs birdie ♥️

  3. That is so interesting and inspiring! Feeling like there is even the possibility to look for solutions is so tough in a dark time but you are doing it! I like the idea of an action plan. For me, I know horses (obviously, lol), creative projects like painting, or hard physical work outside (I know, I’m weird) can drastically change my mental state. I think all three force my brain too be 100% in the moment focused on task and not rumenating. Kind of like rebooting a computer. So I use these when I can. Anyways you should be proud of the work you are putting in for yourself.

  4. This current post has a different “feel” to it – you seem to be a little more up than down. I think it was very strong and brave of you to speak to your employer and let him / her know that you are taking on more than humanly possible. Each little success will build on the next. Hope you have a good weekend! -Jenn

  5. Norbery is probably thinking, “this will do, for now.” He has a contented kitty face. You took the right step towards helping yourself by speaking up. I’m glad you did. Be good to yourself, dear.

  6. Cats do love their boxes. My oven hasn’t been working for a month and won’t be for another month, waiting for parts, thanks LG, so I bought a toaster oven. The box was deeply loved by both the cat and the dog.

    I’m glad you’re seeing a counselor and I’m glad you talked to your manager. You make people’s lives better Birdie. That’s important work but you need to take care of yourself as well. I know, ironic coming from me. I’m no different. LOL.

    Sending hugs.

  7. You are a gift to people who are dying, but how emotionally exhausting it must be to give so much Birdie. To keep doing it, you will have to care for yourself, too, as you did yesterday. This world needs you so.

  8. Actually Ms Feathers, not everyone does reach in deep to draw out compassion and empathy for others. Some workers in your position are not very caring at all. Some are just there for the paycheque, and some who are run off their feet by understaffing and overwork do take it out on the residents. True kindness is so very needed by so very many, not least of whom are the families who have loved ones being cared for by healthcare workers. When someone is gentle and patient with a family member in long-term care, it is such a relief to those who can’t be there every day to do it. We are very grateful for people like you. -Kate

  9. Love the Norbert picture. He looks so happy in that box and I just want to reach out and pat him. I’m glad to hear you are recovering faster from the dark times. I hope that some day they are fewer and farther between.

  10. Norbert is a handsome dude, big ears and all.
    I’m so glad you’re feeling a little better, and that counseling is giving you some hope.

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