Today I dealt with one of the major issues with my depression. My work. Not only has the workload increased from seeing 6 or 7 clients a day to 20 or 21, those clients change daily so I never get to see the same people. It’s like this… Tomorrow I am going to send you somewhere in your community to make a total stranger breakfast. You don’t have to give them a sponge bath, get them dressed, give medications, read previous communication or make the bed or empty a commode or urinal or a catheter bag. Just breakfast. First, what do they eat? Cereal. Almond milk? Regular milk? Soy? Rice? What spoon? Tablespoon? Teaspoon? Coffee? Tea? If so. What do they take it? Again with the milk thing. Sugar? White or brown? Maybe Stevia. (Huge importance if they are diabetic.) Maybe they want eggs. I won’t go through the million different ways to have eggs. Toast? They may have several different types of bread. What do they want on the toast? Butter? Margarine? Peanut butter? Jam? Marmalade? Are you getting my point here? And that is just breakfast. Just. Breakfast. You have 15 minutes. Do that 100 times a month.

Let’s add that the person is unwell. And/Or has dementia. It’s not just breakfast. It’s never just breakfast. I also do all the things for the people I care for that you do without thinking every morning, from where you toothbrush is kept to how you pick out your clothes.

Anyway, I had a meeting with management and a shop steward and they were surprised at how crazy my schedule has been and it’s going to be rectified. The shop steward is also a scheduler so that was a huge help. The manager is so kind and nice and that helped as well.

So, one thing less to stress me out.

I read all your comments over and over again. I am so tired right now and can’t respond to each of them. But please, please, please know that they mean so much. Sometimes it’s the smallest thing that can get me through.

10 thoughts on “Today

  1. I actually am jumping for joy for you! Okay, I’m embarrassed, gonna stop. But seriously good for you! P.s. After I read your post last night I marched up stairs and said some things that needed to be said. It was a good decision. Words are so powerful and in my case it did some good. Today is better.

    • Oh Birdie. My sookie self has tears of relief for you dripping down my fat face. I am so very, very happy. And proud that you actually told them just how bad it has become.

  2. It’s perfect that you spoke up and put a stop to what was happening, and brought back
    some sanity and a proper human perspective to the schedulers – so much better for absolutely everyone.

  3. That is too stressful. I’m glad you had that resolved. Hope they realize they are dealing with real human beings and not just facts on paper. Schedulers forget what it’s like to work in your situation. They need to get into a ride-along program to see just what y’all have to do. That would make them think when scheduling for patients. I hope you feel better with this. Great big (((((((((((HUGS))))))))))) sending your way.

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