How About a Pointless Post?

After going almost two months without posting I want to make up for it but it usually comes down to not having much to say.

Do you really want to know that I almost never wear the same pyjamas twice in a row? There is something so satisfying about putting on clean pyjamas. Since I’m not Oprah and can’t change my sheets everyday I can put on clean pyjamas.

Do you want to know that my son brought me a loaf of bread today that he made at his new job at the bakery? Both my kids work at a local grocery store and both were promoted. My daughter is in the deli, my son in the bakery. My son, being my son was having a panic attack the other day because he felt he wasn’t learning fast enough and was going to quit but the manager asked him not to and said he was doing a great job. Isn’t is nice when the rest of the world sees your kids how you see them? I wanted to call that manager up and thank him but well, my son is 22, not 12.

Do you want to know that I have a friend at work who makes me laugh so hard by showing me totally arbitrary pictures she takes of the strangest things that make no sense? Pictures of picnic tables, a stuffed toys, a person with a suitcase at the airport. These aren’t deep thoughtful pictures that tell a story. They are just pictures. And she gets so excited showing them to me. She brings me Perrier and cookies and today she brought me a bookmark that says Just Breathe because I have a Breathe tattoo on my wrist. She’s retiring in December and I am going to miss her so much. I’m lucky to have a friend like her.

Do you want to know that Norbert loves skim milk? I’m pretty sure I have said this before. Probably dozens of times. He’s waiting right now for some because I always give it to him before I go to bed and it’s my bedtime soon. He gets frantic, no lie, if he thinks I’m going to forget.

Do you want to know that when I look at my hands I realize I’m not a young woman anymore? What happened there?

Do you want to know I go through a lot of Kleenex? I have an unending runny nose and have boxes stashed all over the house and in my car. To add to this, do you want to know that when I sneeze I sneeze in threes? Every single time. And if I don’t I get confused and wonder what happened to the third.

Yeah. I know. You probably do want to know these things but to me they seem silly and unimportant but they make up my life. I’m going to go get Norbert some milk and go to bed in clean pyjamas.

18 thoughts on “How About a Pointless Post?

  1. See now you just have to go make me look really boring! I only own two sets of jammies so I’d have to buy a bunch more and then I’d never be able to fit them all in my drawers and I’d be doomed to constantly be doing laundry. I do love clean sheets though and the cooler and crisper the sheets are the more I love them. And boy I sure do miss having a cat.

  2. If there was a clean sheets fairy I would have clean sheets every single day.
    And no, you are not boring. Not so but far otherwise.
    Jazz likes full cream milk, but only a teaspoon or so. Any more and he walks away. Which is odd, because he is not usually a restrained cat.

  3. Could you do a Norbert update? I’d like to see a photo (or more) of Mr. Fluffy Pants. And, Birdie, hoppy Bunny Day to you — sending you peaceful thoughts from Austin, Texas! πŸ°πŸ’πŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ’•

  4. I have Kleenex boxes everywhere as well. My nose always runs and maybe I cry a lot:)

    So you’re normal and boring like the rest of us. I work, I go home, I sleep. Repeat. Except for the past three weeks my girlfriend has been in my hospital, having a stem cell transplant. Strangely it was nice. I got to visit her on my coffee breaks and we got to reconnect. Weird. I know.

    Sending hugs.

    • You’re so cute Birdie, YES, I want to know these things!! πŸ™‚ We have given up on Kleenex, we cut up old t-shirts and use them as hankies because the Kleenex hurts our noses…we use so many of them.

  5. Birdie! I lost internet for a while and am catching up on reading blogs. In case you don’t remember me, I used to be “no shrinking violet” and had a dead tree as my icon, and a blog about deconversion…we emailed a lot a few years ago.

    So many things to say, like I’m glad you’re trying life without meds (so am I….and it’s been a bitch). Doctors put me on ativan for 30 years for “sleep,” and I having no idea the kind of hell I was in for when I stopped it. Read about benzo withdrawal, as this withdrawal will be worse than the other psych meds you’re on. I suffered a full year of horrific insomnia (no more than 2-4 hrs of sleep for 12+ months, and there’s nothing you can do but endure). I’m finally starting to come out of it after 15 months, but it’s been brutal.

    If you’re into stitching, try joining instagram. I only subscribe to other stitchers so I don’t have to deal with political postings, etc. Stitchers are very, very active there and you’ll see many gorgeous pics to inspire you. I’ve tried facebook but I just can’t bear it. Here’s my instagram link so you can see if you like the platform….there’s not much room to write…it’s all about pics.

    I hear you on the job front….canada was always ahead of the US when it comes to providing humane care, and they still are, but the whole world keeps slipping lower and lower when it comes to humanity. Caring for people used to be a beautiful way to make a living and now it’s hell. One must persevere and do what you can but I understand the cost is heavier than ever.

    hugs and love,

  6. I read once that Jackie Kennedy had her sheets changed every time she even took a nap! Oh my. Now THAT is luxury.
    Also, I do not own any pajamas. As we spell them here. I sleep in a night gown.
    Cats are so weird. Maurice turned her nose up at salmon skin the other day. She will eat any dry cat food I buy. But she doesn’t like cheese or milk or chicken or fish. She loves lunch meat.
    Your friend sounds lovely and funny.

  7. I think this is a terrifically interesting post, Birdie! Glad to hear your kids are doing well in their jobs. And your friend who takes the weird photos — she should start a blog!!!

  8. This is so NOT a pointless post. I am moved by your son’s manager. If you are ever in his presence it probably would not hurt to let him know how much you appreciated his kindness to your son. How wonderful that her brought you bread made with his own hands. I find that incredibly moving, too.

  9. I loved this!
    When my daughter has me over for dinner and cooks, it moves my heart deeply. It must have been so good to eat the bread your son made. It must have been delicious…because his hands made it.
    If I came to visit, these are the things that I would want to know…and many others.

  10. Darlin, you aren’t the only one that hates sleeping in the same pj’s. I never watched Oprah, never got the chance, but I actually hate wearing the same nightgown twice. It has to do with the feel I guess, even though I take a bath every night before bedtime. So, see, we actually learned from each other our little quirks.

  11. Birdie you could write the phone book and I’d be happy to read it. I love “listening” to the minutia of your life. It makes me feel like you are a kindred soul. My life is almost the same. Doing the same boring mundane stuff every day wears on a body. It’s nice to know you feel and think and do the same things we all do. I loved the store manager story as well. What a remarkable human being to do that for your son. Gives me hope that all is not lost in this world…there still are decent people helping others by lifting them up. Happy Easter Birdie!

  12. I sneeze in threes, too, and I have Kleenex all over the house: by my computer, at my end of the sofa, beside my bed, etc. Your son has a nice and observant manager.

  13. Dear Bridie, it’s wonderful that all of us are a mosaic of daily traditions and of the experiences we have with friends and our animal companions and ourselves! All of us could come up with a list just as you have, but none of the bloggers I follow–except for you–has done so. And so I’m saying to you, “thank you” for helping me realize just how wonderful the moments of my own life are–just as the moments of your life seem so dear to me. Peace.

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