I Hate Facebook

Yes. I do. But you have to be on it to be a part of anything these days. If you aren’t on Facebook it’s like being the kid with no friends on the playground. If you want to add me, send an email to birdieisblogging@hotmail.com, let me know your name and I will reply with mine and I will add you if I actually know you. I may be adding some of you that I had previously added. Please don’t block me. Again, with the kid with no friends on the playground. 😁

14 thoughts on “I Hate Facebook

  1. Hi Barbara…
    I cut the chord with FB over a year ago….
    Painful seeing my 2 siblings getting together for “family” time…vacations…and my kids and I not included 😳
    Screw that crap…
    But…..I 💕 Instagram! They have to ASK to follow me!

  2. I’ve never been on Facebook so I guess I’m one of those kids too. I’m in good company and I’ll play with you!

  3. Darlin, you are not alone. If I were you, I would leave FB too. It’s stupid because all you see are people with short attention spans but large egos, lots of fights and crybabies. I keep my FB open but don’t go in there. I use it to show my blog and what I posted on my blog for the day, nothing else. So get rid of your FB and join us on the playground.

  4. i looked for you on facebook when you went silent here. i was concerned. so yes, please add me again. you are the kid on the playground with friends who love you dearly. no matter how it feels (and I know how our minds can lie to us) i promise this is so.

  5. Facebook is a lonely place I find. I’d love to add yOu but I’m worried people I know would,the find my blog. It’s all a bit personal and I should just delete it and Facebook and everything of the internet but I can’t. I am taking steps towards deleting Facebook. I tend to try to keep it separate from my blog and more for family and work. Maybe I could keep,in touch by email? Plus I’m coming to Canada one day.

    • Facebook is lonely. They are currently doing studies showing that when people do a post on FB and people respond there is a momentary high only to lead to feeling worse which leads to more posts and the high then the low again. It’s can keep us disconnected from real life connection. My blog is super private so I understand. I have added blog friends but only ones who I know won’t mention my blog. And yes, come to Canada! *happy dance *

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