As per Amazon

“Humanized design, the side with a pen, scissors tools such as the small box.”

What the hell does that even mean? I was looking at cross-stitch tools.

21 thoughts on “As per Amazon

  1. Yeah, WTF? You’ll want to read my post this coming Wednesday. It’s about cross-stitching!

  2. Dear Birdie, it surely stumps me because I don’t do any crafts–I’ve tried, but I’m not a sewer. Good luck in figuring out that gobbledygook! Peace.

  3. Hi Birdie

    Just stopping by to say hi. Hope things are okay with you. May be you are busy with your cross-stitching, may be it is work. Either way, come back to the blogging world soon, I miss you. x x x

  4. I’m seeing your blog listing drop further and further down in my directory (when it will rise to the top if you update) and wondering Where O Where is Birdie? I hope you’ve gone on a winter holiday to the tropics. -Kate

  5. Hoping you’re ok Birdie. I know what it’s like to drop off the blog world and sending much love to you whatever is happening in your world. Wishing you all good thoughts and care. X

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