Well, aren’t I the posting queen? Two posts in two days.

Being 2018, we decided to step into the 21st. century and get a flat screen television. The one we had been watching was at least 20 years old and the size, almost, of an Austin Mini. Surely it weighed as much. We were expecting to spend days and days getting the new TV set up but it only took about 30 minutes. It is especially exciting because it has Netflix capability. Now I can force my husband to watch all my favourite shows. Ha!

Today I replied to a comment about crafting and remembered that I had a cross-stitch that has been sitting for ages and ages. Now that I have new glasses I dug it out and started it again. It’s huge and will probably take me at least a year. Or 3. Or 13. I have done the J in January so far.

Also, today I found a cat puzzle that I got for Christmas last year. I completely forgot about it. Yay for cat puzzles! I also cleaned out the top of my dresser and got rid of 3 items. Actually, I donated 3 items and recycled a bunch of paper and glass essential oil bottles. Mostly I was completely lazy and did nothing. No. That is a lie. I disassembled a planter we got for Christmas that was full of mites and took the last of the Christmas decorations out to the shed. And did laundry. Then I was lazy and did nothing.

Here is Norbert’s wind-up bug that I now see is a butterfly. It goes across the floor and flaps it’s wings. He hates/loves it. I think it makes him feel powerful and fierce.

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  1. I need a new television too. Mine is so old that the picture is all grainy. I only watch things on the computer…Netflix and Dramafever (it’s all Korean movies). I love K. movies! They are usually series and some of them have 70 episodes!!
    Cat’s playing with toys are so funny, there must be a movie of that somewhere 🙂 and I love you needlepoint project, it’s beautiful. Here’s to many years of trying to get it done.

      • Let me clarify that, I don’t watch the marshmallow stuff, I watch historical ones. One of the best I have ever watched is “Empress in the Palace”…gorgeous! Chinese – it’s the story of Cixi, the last empress of China, true story. I am very bored tonight so I am overly chatty…….

      • That actually sounds amazing. My guess is they are subtitled? I don’t mind if they are. When my kids were small I used to make them watch tv that way. They were both reading at a university level in grade 4.

  2. Yes all subtitled, I can’t hear well. Seriously? That’s an amazing idea. Everyone should do that – brilliant!

  3. Television leaves me cold. I read the book about Cixi though – truly amazing.
    I don’t know whether I love your craft or Norbert’s butterfly more. And won’t show it to Jazz because he would want one. To kill. Deader than dead.

  4. One of the things I intend to get back into now that I’m retired is cross-stitch! I have had books and patterns carefully stashed in my cupboard for 20 years waiting for this time in my life, lol!

  5. We got a new flat screen lately as well. And our old TV was probably the same model as yours. HUGE. That cross stitch project is gorgeous! Have fun with it, Birdie! I think I might embroider today myself.

  6. My husband just replaced the flatscreen in the TV/computer room. The flat screen we had in there blew its picture. He just got one that has Bluetooth so he can watch Netflix. He’s so proud. The bad thing about flatscreens is that they blow their screens in one to two years. It’s not worth the price to get them fixed. I still have my regular RCA TV in the bedroom and I love it.
    I used to do cross stitch too when I was in my teens. I did lots of old pieces that I saw pictures of in magazines. It was hard to make the patterns from pictures but later in my 40’s, I found a really cool computer program that will make patterns for you. I just wish I had that old program today.

  7. Dear Birdie, Hurrah for Norbert and for you, too, for getting so many things done. I’m always proud of myself if I declutter just one thing a week! Peace.

  8. I love Norbert’s toy. He’s the cool kid on the block with such a cool toy. We took long getting a flat screen, too, and when we finally did we wondered what took so long. Well, price. That would do it. Now they’re much more affordable.

  9. Hi Birdie 🙂 Your cross stitch is very pretty! That’s yet another hobby on the future to do list that I want to try out! 🙂 I haven’t had a television in over 10 years I think. Alex and I download shows and movies and watch them on our computers…but honestly I dream of a huge flat screen in the bedroom and living room one of these days!

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