It is odd how  inconsequential my life is. My day mostly consists of the following.

Wake up around 6:00.

Start work at 7:00.

Go to pre-work work huddle.

Do laundry.

Hand out a lot of medications. A lot.

Put on a 3000 pairs of compression stockings.

Make meals.

Shower people.

Got same people dressed.

Make beds.

Do some reporting.

Drive home.

Have a nap. (This actually almost never happens.)

Make dinner.

Eat dinner.

Have a bath.

Go to bed.


My life is not exciting.

Seriously, so little going on. The big event of the week was getting our $500.00 rebate check for our $6000.00 furnace installation. Before I thought it was $5000.00 but I realized this week that I had added wrong.

Today is my day off and and I had some fasting bloodwork. I was so hungry by the time it was done that I went and got a donut at Tim Horton’s. I was a little short with the phlebotomist because I hadn’t eaten in 16 hours. I know it’s only supposed to be 10 hours for fasting but I was trying to tie it in with another appointment. Anyway, I apologized for being cranky.

Today I found this little wind-up toy bug that throws Norbert into a rage. He clearly thinks it’s real. I got it in a $1.00 grab bag. Best spent dollar ever. The bag also had a ladybug yo-yo. And a Rice Krispie that I gave to my husband. And another yo-yo that lights up. And a glittery star fish.

And this is the sign on the bathroom wall of my counselling office.

And here is my new hat that I got at my counselling appointment. Some nice soul made hats for women who have dealt with trauma. It made me happy.

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  1. I was thinking about you today ☺ What a cool hat! My 10-year-old son is currently making me a neck warmer in knitting group at school. I kind of wish I could knit.

  2. The hat really suits you. I look like a right twat in any kind of knitted hat. If I wrote down what I do in a day you’d realise how amazing yours was in comparison.

    • That is true. Sadly, Community Health Workers are the most under appreciated and lowest paid by far in all of health care. I don’t care so much about the money but it is nice to be recognized for how much love and effort I put into the people I care for.

  3. I love that hat. Also…i want to see a picture of Norberts wind up toy bug. And also…who puts a toy bug and a yo-yo and a glittery starfish inside of a bag and then decides to add a rice krispie treat?? Your job description puts you in the rock star category, or maybe Wonder Woman.

    • Ha! I was wondering the same thing. My guess is it was a bunch of stuff leftover from around the store. But why would there be a single serving package of Rice Krispies.

  4. Hey! The most “consequential” thing I’ve done lately is to make tapioca pudding and mop my kitchen. You are not alone! And yet, I think we try to do the best we can in our little parts of the universe. You know? And as Deb said- you help people to stay in their own homes and that IS huge, Birdie.
    As everyone has said, that hat looks adorable on you. And that sign is terrific. At my husband’s work place, the sign on the door of the bathroom stall says “Do not flush any feminine products.” I always visualize someone flushing an entire bottle of Chanel No. 5 down the toilet. What could be more feminine than that?

    • I like the daisies. Daises are adorable on anyone. But yeah, I am especially cute in this hat. I have another hat that has a smiley flower. Also very cute!

  5. Your schedule sounds dreary. No wonder you’re so depressed. I love that sign and the hat. It looks cute. I’m thinking of taking up knitting to keep me out of trouble. I can use my bail money to buy yarn and needles.Love you sweetie>

    • You should try knitting! There are so many videos on YouTube so it’s easier than ever to learn. Or get a loom from Walmart. Very easy but a bit monotonous.

  6. Join the club along with the rest of us who live everyday lives without much variation … and when there IS variation, often it’s not of the happy kind! At those times I almost always wish my eventless days would return.
    This year, like every year, I’ll try to remember to do more of the things that I find “fun” — play my guitar and piano, for instance — and even more reading than I already do. Make sure you too make time for the things you love to do. xoxo Kate

  7. The hat is very cute! 🙂 I think if I listed my day like that it might look a bit inconsequential too, but I felt more that way when I was working. It felt so damn boring. Now, though my day isn’t much more exciting to others, I love my routines and I’m pretty happy with them. I hope that never changes!

    • Do you do any other crafty things? I do cross-stitch but haven’t done it for ages. Now that I have new glasses I should try again.

    • I think life is full of never having as much money as I thought. I have yet to receive more money than I thought on anything ever? 😁

  8. I just wrote a funny, loving and charming comment to a funny, loving and charming woman, you! And them my computer froze, it wouldn’t even let me turn it off. So it’s back on and I lost that whole thing…….but I meant every word of it 🙂
    You are amazing and I love you and I hope you get to spend some of that $ on yourself.
    PS: hat? adorable!

  9. Your life is anything but inconsequential. It might feel like a quiet life but it is a big one. I am grateful for you in this world. And cute hat! Beautiful eyes.

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