So, it’s the last day of 2017 and I will be going to bed around 9ish. Then the new year will roll around and the fireworks will wake me up and then I won’t be able to get back to sleep. Maybe it’s a good night for CBD/THC. And earplugs.

We are not doing anything special tonight. I am making buffalo wings in my Actifry. And I’m washing my hair. Why is that noteworthy? I don’t know. It’s just what I am doing tonight. Tomorrow I will be up at 6:30. It’s one of the reasons I do not like my job. I never get a long weekend. Ever. It would be so nice to have 3 days off in a row. In the next 9 months I have one week off. I’m pretty sure I complained about this a few posts back but quite frankly, it’s gruelling. My job takes so much out of the workers. All of us are tired. All of us are burnt out. We need long weekends.

Oh, well.

I bought a new blanket for my bed today that I thought was 100% cotton but it turns out to be polyester. Fuck. I hate polyester. It chafes and doesn’t breathe and makes me itchy. Didn’t want to waste money so I put it on the bed anyway. It’s between 2 cotton blankets so maybe I won’t freak out. Last summer I bought what said to be bamboo bed sheets for $40.00. If they have ever been anywhere near bamboo I will eat my hat. I made the bed all nice and was looking forward to crawling in. Crawled in. Clearly not bamboo. 2 minutes later I am getting hot. 5 minutes I am freaking out but decided to power through and stop being so weird when it comes to fabrics of the non-cotton variety. 6 minutes I have a meltdown, get out of bed, rip the “bamboo” sheets off and they have been in the closet ever since. Actually, 2 sets. Because I was foolish enough to think it was too good of a deal to only buy 1. If it sounds too good to be true….

Okay, bloggers. Happy New Year!

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  1. The New Year has landed here. And did so without me waiting up for her. I am pretty certain she has her own key – and she knows the way.
    There were fireworks here, but far enough away that I didn’t hear a thing. Just as well because they freak Jazz out.
    I hope this coming year is kinder and gentler than the last. To the world and us all.

  2. Happy New Year Birdie! Thank you for all your insights and honesty this year. I hope 2018 is filled with Health, happiness, love and prosperity for you! Joanne

  3. We spent a quiet evening as well, eating wings and spring rolls, watching a movie and going to be at nine to read. Cause that’s how we roll:)

    I like cotton as well but I’ve come to love fleece sheets in the winter time. They feel like a warm hug and God knows it’s cold here. It’s supposed to warm up today which I’m looking forward to.

    And yes, nine months is too long to not have a few days off. Can you get a short unpaid leave?

    Happy New Year Birdie!

  4. Happy New Year! I have to go back to then jungle tomorrow. I’m terrified of the email. Didn’t even look over the week I had off but I’m going to pay it. Xo

  5. Happy New Year Birdie! We were in bed at 9:00 pm. No party, no booze, no overeating…It was heavenly. It was also -35 degrees with the windchill by us so we were glad to be at home. All 4 grandkids and two of our grown daughters got the flu starting the week before Christmas and it lasted throughout the next week and a half. Luckily him and I haven’t gotten it…dare I say yet? Took the christmas decor down today and he is working on a frozen water pipe in the basement. I am looking forward to 2018. Praying for all good things..peace, health and wellness for us all.

  6. Happy New Year, Love. I truly hope this is a great one for you. Full of love and accomplishment, calmness and peace xoxo

  7. Dear Birdie, the past year was a hard one for you–or so it seems to me. But you got through it with great honesty of spirit. And in being honest, I think you helped many of us.

    I hope that 2018 brings into your life the manifestation of whatever is your deepest heart-wish. Peace.

  8. How are you liking your airfryer? I almost got that kind when I was researching. Up next, I want to get a DeLonghi. It’s similar to what you have now. Both neat machines. So fun.
    Sorry about the sheets!

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