My Girl

This makes me cry because I’m so proud. My little girl who was in the 3rd percentile for years. My wee child who was sick more than she was well. My baby who had such low muscle tone she never did crawl and didn’t walk until she was 18 months.

So strong, look at her legs, yet every Highland judge who sees her dance is in awe at how dainty she is.  A 5’ 2 powerhouse! 🙂


I’m so proud. How did I manage to produce such an amazing human?

Here’s my girl. If you could comment here and not on the YouTube page I would appreciate it. The YouTube page is not mine.

23 thoughts on “My Girl

    • She’s 20 now. Took her first class when she was 3 and has been dancing ever since. When she was little I always had to get her to not dance. Other parents can’t get there kids to practice. My daughter would do highland dance moves under the blankets at bedtime. Or she was supposed to be doing homework and I catch her doing the sword dance.

  1. What a sweet girl you have! It looks like ballet moves are incorporated! You have every reason to be proud of your beautiful girl! Joanne

  2. Oh I loved that! She has grown into a strong young woman….she must have learned about strength and determination from her momma. ❤️

  3. Oh, Birdie! You have every right to be proud! Bless her and all of her hard work and I know that you must have spent many, many hours in taking her to classes and supporting her in her dancing. How lovely!

  4. She’s awesome! No wonder why you’re so proud. How long has she been dancing Highland? Did she take ballet? Could you show more of her dancing?

  5. She’s so cute Birdie! I did Scottish Country dancing when I was younger and let me tell you, it’s not for the faint of heart or breath lol…that is WORK. She did a great job! 🙂

  6. Fabulous!! I love this kind of dancing and she does it with grace. I hope she is as proud of herself as you are of her. Lovely to see a young woman with such determination. She really conquered and accomplished some here didn’t she? And you helped her all the way. She’s a tribute to you, Mom!!

  7. How fun it was to watch that. The first thing I thought was how much strength and endurance it must take to do that. You must be so proud.

  8. Dear Birdie, like you, I’d be bursting with pride–going out on the street and shouting to everyone to come and watch!!!—if I had a lovely, graceful, and grace-filled daughter like yours. The dance is so intricate. It must require such hard work to make such precision so graceful. Please tell her for me how wonderful she is! Peace.

  9. How beautiful and strong she is in her dancing, and with that little cheeky smile and the little tilt of her head. No wonder you are proud of her achievements Birdie, especially after the difficult start she has had. What a wonderful talent to be able to dance with such skill. x

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