5th Annual Box of Resentments

There wasn’t a lot to write this year. Basically I wrote that I wanted to let go of anger. There are a couple people in my life where I feel actual resentment. Anger. Honestly, I have felt hatred at times. Is it worth taking the time to post about it here? Probably not. Just when I find it in myself to let it go, something else happens and the cycle starts again . Do these people spend one second being upset about how I feel? Not at all. They are angry people who have continuous disputes with everyone around them. Does anyone know someone like that? You can’t look at them without being accused of a horrible deed. Their darkness pours on top of me. And I let it. Ah, life. It is so complicated, isn’t it?

If you have no idea what I am talking about go here.


8 thoughts on “5th Annual Box of Resentments

  1. Oh, I have an idea of it, yes indeed.
    I’m glad the box was not stuffed this year. And that next year it will be even better. Always write whatever you feel, I respect it and appreciate it.

    Fire has a cleansing power. I find that and it’s beauty very comforting. I hope you do too.

  2. Sadly I do know people like that. And their nasty energy infects everyone in the vicinity.
    I am thrilled that your box was relatively small and agree wtih liv about the cleansing properties of fire.

  3. I think I should do that. Start a Resentment Box. It might be so lifting to see it burn on the winter solstice.

  4. yes, i know someone like that, a whole little nuclear family of someones just like that, rather bitter and selfish people, and it disturbs my peace to think about them, so i try as much as possible to pretend they don’t exist, because i can do nothing about them, and have not yet learned to release them fully, as there are ties, there are these ties. Sigh. Sending love.

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