Well, that’s done. My new glasses were picked up yesterday after all. It was still snowing but we decided to go anyway. No, I did not drive. Because of the snow, Costco was not busy! Yay for that. But here’s a funny story. I’ve mentioned it before on this blog ad nauseam about Norbert being an inside cat. He tried again to escape to the outside world yesterday. He hasn’t the life skills to be outside and he’s in serious denial about his abilities. Unless he is sleeping, when the door opens he makes a break for it. Last night while we were bringing in groceries he bolted for the door, got out, did a detour around me and headed to the backyard where he knows he’s beyond anyone’s reach. He took one step in the snow, froze, eyes bugged out, then turned around and bolted back inside. Serves him right. That will teach him a lesson. No. It won’t. But it was funny!

New glasses and I got my eyebrows done today and my hair cut and purpled last week so here’s a picture. This is as good as its ever going to get!


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  1. Oh Lord!! Purple hair. Whats next, a tattoo? No, really darlin, show your wild side. I think it’s cute. Your glasses match too. You look so cute. Silly Norbert. It was like instant karma for him.

  2. Perfect! I wish I had blue eyes – yours are beautiful.
    Did you get grey streaks in your hair. It looks so natural – very nice.

  3. Hi Birdie! 🙂 You look so cute!!! :))) I love the purple! It’s been a long time since I did any colour in my hair, but it’s always fun to do. Our tabby cat Dana is the same way. He couldn’t exist a minute outside but tries every time to ex-cape lol…one time he managed to scratch the screen off the window and we found him cowering under the neighbours hedges meowing like he was being tortured the poor boy.

    • It has taken so long! But now I’m afraid of reaching my goal weight because there is only one direction to go after that. A lifelong battle for sure.

  4. I LOVE those glasses on you! The purple hair is pretty cute too. I did purple when I was a teen for quite some time…we’ll see if I do it again as I go grey (my hair is a little too dark right now for it to show up well).

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